Subwoofer Power Amplifier Recommendations

I'm bi-amping a pair of 3.5 way speakers. Using a Joule VZN-80 tube amp to mids and tweets, but need an inexpensive SS amp to the woofers. Using a Marchand XM9 2-way electronic crossover & Marchand XM8 Basis. Specifics are:
- 2 Closed Box passive subwoofers
- Each box contains 2 Scanspeak 8 inch woofers
- Box Qtc = 0.731
- Driver Qts = 0.27
- Crossover to woofers @ about 80 to 100 Hz
- USE FOR AUDIO ONLY, NO MOVIES. Listen to folk, jazz, soft rock & vocals.

Question: Any recommendations for an inexpensive SS amp to run the subwoofers?
Do I need a low pass subsonic filter?
Will a 100 to 150 watt amp be sufficient?
Can I effectively use a standard SS amp or should I go pro audio equipment?
Thanks all, Jim
Remember that bass uses the bulk of the wattage. With that said, you should have way more power available for the subs than the rest. Also, assuming that you won't have a dedicated subwoofer so the ".1" will be directed to your mains also means that you will need even more power.
I was going to offer my QSC 1200 but am thinking that you need way more power, maybe 300 per channel?
Get a pair of Behringer professional amps for about 300 bucks or less per unit, set them to mono (bridging) and they will give you about 500 watts per side. You won't need a low pass filter unless you have a TT which rumbles like a hungry lion snoring and put on a floor which has the solidity of old bedsprings....
Here is the URL:
These things are built like a tank and used for this purpose sound amazing. I used them for good effect on my Gradient subs for quite a log time
I USED to think one needed tons of power to reproduce the bass in music too. Then it dawned on me that that vast majority of the music(percentage wise) is above 150hz. I'd say get one of the A500s here:(,and see if that doesn't satisfy your needs(you can always add another). From what you mentioned as your listening tastes- you won't be trying to rock your foundation anyway. Some nice things about Same Day are their prices, satisfaction guarantee, and liberal return policy. If the Behringer doesn't do it for you, look for a Hafler TransNova 9505. It'll cost more, but your ears will thank you.
Of course you are right Rodmann, but since Slhijb wanted power, I suggested two. In fact, I substituted my two Behringers for the Gradient with 60 watt Atmas, which then blended much better with the Quad 63s I used at the time.
Thanks for the responses. The Behringer A500 has certainly made my list. Let me clarify a bit, not a big bass freak at all. Hoping for a seamless transition with the bi-amped Joule VZN-80 tube OTL amp on top to the SS woofer amp on bottom. The Marchand XM9 crossed over at about 80 - 100 Hz should help. Need just enough bass power to make this work. Now, thinking between about 150 - 250 watts/8 ohms per channel? Listen mostly to acoustic and vocals with an occasional rock interlude (usually when friends are over and then the wives tell us to turn it down). Also looking at some vintage stuff (Ampzilla, old Sony, Marantz & etc - reverting to my college days) but a bit afraid of reliability issues. Thoughts? Do the power estimates sound right?
Thanks again, Jim