Subs with Maggies???????

I know that many folks think subs only belong in HT but some 3.6 ownmers use them.Maggie told me there not needed unles your pedal Organ freak but if you do go only up to 8".I know they would have to be fast so multi driver sub like Vandersteen on cheap end,REL which is speedy and not "boom in roiom box" or Martin Logan Depth with three 8" 'ers would be choices I can think off for friends 3.6's.Saw a guy on ebay selling box which he claims really helps when using.Not sure if x-over or filter.Ned to look at add again unless he a fly by nighter.If one wants to use them one in Bryston/3.6 set up does one need to shell out for Bryston 10B Sub or just go line in or speaker pass through?If he added another 4BST lateral that would settle need for 10B as those little Maggie x-over (not even made any more) he has form last amp set up is crap.
There are a few threads on this topic - you might search for them. Short answer(s):

1) the right subs will go deeper than 3.6s, may not matter much for music.

2) even if the bass from doesn't go deeper, it will sound different than the same frequencies from the 3.6s. Good thing or bad thing? YMMV.

3) the right sub/x-over can be successfully mated to Maggies, it may not be easy.

4) Don't get hung up on small drivers in the subs. IMHO they have little to do with getting a seamless "hand-off'.

5) Think about a room corrected sub. Bass is most affected by the room, RC/PEq will allow you to "fix" it without impacting the main signal path (other than a low-cut filter for the 3.6s).

Good Luck

I use a Velodyne DD-15 (15 inch driver) with my MG20.1 It only plays 15 to 55 HZ with a very steep rolloff (48 db) you can put it almost anywhere at those low freqs. I like it and it gives the punch that is lacking on the Maggies.
I believe more has been written on this subject than on the Civil War, the Treaty of Versailles or JFK's assassination. The prevailing, though by no means unanimous, view of these extensive musings is (a) the 3.6s definitely need a sub (or 2 or 4); (b)the 3.6s need a ton of high-quality power to drive them, and (c) integration and room correction issues incident to adding a sub are challenging. Personally, I've abandoned my goal of buying the 3.6s and am looking at a less daunting, more plug-and-play proposition such as VMPS or JM Lab.
I once owned 3.6's and ran Sunfire Architectural Subs with them. They were okay but not the best that could have been had. I have since moved on the Focal 1037's. I recently added (2) JL Audio F113 subs and well, unbelieveble! I could honestly say that these ( F113's ) kill the Sunfire Subs. With that said, I'm sure they would have been better for 3.6's ...........
I have the 3.6, and have used the james 10, 12, and 1500, all were an improvement to the maggie bass. I have a big room so if you have a smaller room, more important is to give the maggie enough horsepower, like a minimal amp would be the Bryston 4BSST. Less than that and you will never hear this speaker. With that much power, they will be alive. Want a bit more, go to the 14BSST, than you will hear all they can do. I biamp with a 3-way Xover, crossing the sub at 80Hz, soon to be doing it at 50Hz. I use the Marchand XM44, didn't like the XM26...too tubey. Another sub to consider is the JL audio 13'sand yes I have tried those too, and they are great, possibly the best I have tried. Jallen
As a watts for bucks deal I would like to hear my buddies system with one of the $2400 Wyred intergrateds.It's got a pre section Wally said was 80% of highly reviewed unit and puts out 570 watts into 8 ohms!yeah knock is there a bit dry sounding and cal roll of the highs to some ears (others not) but this would be a good test.Can use the HT throughput for the sub.Was thinking this and ML Depth and getting him to update the DAC from the Proceed to at least Benchmark or PS if not Bel Canto would do them justice.But yeah if not a second 4BST and a 44 (thanks on tip about 26) would be great but would want to A/B a Marchand and Bryston's 10sub.Have to say I hear all the strengths of the Maggie but it's bass and dynamic punch leave me as merely a sympathizer to to the cult not a card carrier.Not if I could only build a design I heard about with ribbon and Fostex run dipole with DEQX pre I could give up the monkey coffins.Also any hope of paying my bills.Wish I were still in touch with guy who was building his SOTA design with compressed foam mentioned drivers and subs locked into his floor joists all after he read about DEQX @6mooons.Wish I knew how that project worked out.If your reading this and a single (i.e. WAF unencumbered) shrink in CO who wrote to me get back in touch.