Sub woofers for electrostatics

Are there any subwoofers that integrate well with elcetrostatic loudspeakers other than the Sound Lab bass panels? Thanks!
Almost any will if you cross it over low enough.
Two Martin Logan Descents should be considered.
I have always felt that the vandersteen 2W was a great choice for any mini monitor or elecrostatic loud speaker.Multiples even better.
I've had good results with the Bugtussel Tegmentum sub (which I sell). The transmission-line Tegmentum has low coloration with good transient response (very low overhang), as well as an extremely flexible crossover/equalizer built in, which is especially helpful in getting a good blend with electrostats.

You might be able to purchase a pair of Eros bass cabinets from InnerSound. Once again they're transmission lines, for low coloration and good transient response. As I guess you can see, I think that transmission lines are an especially good match with dipoles.

Gradient makes a dipole sub which would probably be an even better match, but almost certainly doesn't go as deep as the big Tegmentum does.

Best of luck in your quest,

REL will crossover very low and stay out of the range covered by main speakers.
Bugtussel Tegmentum subs? Do they have a website? Thanks!
Hello Seadogs1,

Here is Buggtussel's address:
Try the new Grotto from martin Logan...since ML makes electrostats, their subs , I reckon, should be fast enough as well..