Sub Recommendation to handle both music and movies

Hi all,

I'm looking to add a sub to my system which consists of a pair of Vandersteen 2Ci speakers. I would like to get something that would be good for both two-channel music and also would be good for movies. My room is 2700 cubic feet.

My budget is around 700.00, I see a lot of different brands out there (Velodyne, HSU, SVS, Rythmik, etc.) and wanted to get your take on what your recommendations would be.


before spending your hard earned money do some free tweeks after lifting speakers off of the floor found out didnt need a sub 2ch only the bass is so natural not boomy wont cost much good luck
I've liked the ACI. Also, the TBI is interesting although I've not heard it.
with your budget I would definitely look at SVS. In that price range you should be able to find a great used SVS.
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I use Rythmiks for my music only system. Had I been buying for dual use (music and HT), I would have gone with SVS. That decision process was based solely on test results (no auditioning was possible as both products are sold direct).

Good Luck

This is a bit over your budget, but my suggestion is to get two Parts Express 10" subwoofer cabinets with cut-outs; two 240-watt amps without bass boost; and two 10" Dayton Reference subwoofers. The Daytons subs come in two varieties, the HF version and the HO version, so you'll have to choose between them. Either one will have more than enough excursion to handle the full output of the 240 watt amp so there's no need to get a longer-excursion woofer like the Titanic. The HF has a bit warmer bass and the HO a bit tighter bass, but they're both very good.

The reasons for using two smaller subs instead of one big sub have been presented in other threads.