adding Rack Handles onto ATX Computer Tower or buy purpose-built rack PC case?

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has successfully added rack handles onto a PC tower case, and then fit the thing into a rack?

I have an unused new ATX PC case ready for a new build, but i seem to be moving towards a rack setup for my few pieces of equipment, and it would make sense to put the computer in there too.

But i'm not sure if the case would be strong enough to support itself, or if i need to just sell this case and get a purpose-built 3U PC rack case. 

All comments/insights welcome!


I'm gonna say get the rack mount save yourself the PITA. Be careful where you mount it too. Noise!. Some gear doesn't play well together. A little trial and error. I use 16Us.

I had one 16u with 3 Russco TT, 2 on tool box roller drawer guides. They were so smooth you could QUE and close the drawer and the stylus would stay Qued for 3 songs, just flip the On switch (s) to the TT that were Que up. We didn't know what a DJ was.. :-)

These guys will rack mount darn near anything. One solution would be to put the ATX case on a rack mount shelf.

Thanks for the tips all,

If I do go for this idea, then i'll give the shelf idea a try, and if the other equipment is picking up computer noise...I'll place the tower on the floor beside the rack.