Sub location: closet?

My viewing/family room has a closet 5 ft behind the couch. This closet contains the HT equipment in a 19" rack system. Directly across the room, 19ft from the closet is the TV and Paradigm 60v3 speakers. While I do like the clarity of the Paradigms, they are lacking in low end response and punch of a speaker with a 10" or greater woofer.

So my question is two fold. Can I put a 15" or 12" sub in the closet facing the room? The open space within the closet is approximatly 40" wide, 40" tall, and 24" deep. The door is open to access the HT equipment when viewing movies and listening to music so the speaker would be open to the listening area.

The second part, any recommendations for a good match to the Paradigm 60's powered by 110W bi-amped through 7.1 Pioneer Elite receiver? Under $1000 for a lightly used unit would be fantasatic.

BTW, the reason the HT equipment was built into a closet with a door is due to my 1+ year old twin boys. So far I have had good luck with the heaviness of the Paradigms in keeping them solidly planted. Although I have had to restack the screen on my rear projection HDTV so the plastic protection screen is back in front.

Oh, I'm still looking for a cc570 in rosenut if anyone has one available.

I would not put a sub in a closet with your front end equiptment. In effect you will be subjecting your equiptment rack to some very concentrated low frequency energy (vibrations). Not to mention the distortion that also may occur in bouncing same frequencies around all those inner closet surfaces. Dunno how the latter would play out, but just the former would be enough for me to look elsewhere.
Run some bass shakers in the couch... I know its not completley optimal but will be hidden and are pretty nice when sitting, very simple too.
Agree the sub should NOT be in the closet with the equipment.
The vibrations from the sub wil affect the equipment. especialy any DVD players. The sab may actually damage the other equipment after awhile.