Cleaning out my closet

I am currently in the process of cleaning out my closet (aka "the stereo graveayrd"). I have a pair of blown ADS L-990s that I'm taking in to have repaired, as soon as I get my JBL Pro IIIs back from being refoamed. I have a pair of NHT 1.5 that sound great (I'm still on the fence as to keep them or sell them. As I've mentioned in another thread, I have a Luxman M02 amp that needs to be repaired. I also have the Luxman C02 preamp and the T02 tuner. Both in working order. I have an old Dual CS 505 turntable that still works well. I have an old Soundcraftsmen Equalizer that I don't know what to do with. This is not a sales pitch, I just need to decide if I still want it, want to invest in having some of it fixed, or just give it a decent burial.

What old gear do you have lurking in the closet?
Lets see. . .Teac and Nakamichi cassette decks, AR tuner, AE Symphonies plus line stage, Melos SHA 1 line stage, Revox A77 RTR tape deck, Carver Silver Seven Monoblocks, a couple of Hafler amps, a Proton tuner, Klipsch speakers, Rectilinear III speakers, Rotel pre-amp/tuner, a few DAC's, I'm probably leaving some items out. I've also given complete systems to each of my son's, and two of the neighbor kids when they went off to college. Lot's of cables, tweeks, tubes, etc. I do rotate some gear in and out of the three systems currently in use in the house, but the stuff I rotate I consider in active use, and not in the graveyard.
Your second in line Hazard.E is first.Put it all on CL and sell it for 10-20-40$,whatever.Dont look back,start over with all things in life especially electronics and things you put in your body.Fresh starts are a good feeling,YMMV,Bob
Nakamichi cassette deck,Sherwood stereo (tube) tuner, Yamaha top of the line (mid seventies) receiver, Kenwood tuner, Sound Dynamics center channel, far, far too many records from the sixties, too many speaker cables,too many used vacuum tubes.
Audiogon needs an under,say $75, junk section like the music section so members can list useful, multiple, small items.
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Classifieds are free on Asylum, and there are a lot of guys trolling there for vintage gear (even if in need of repair) and even old parts to cannibalize. If you don't want to hassle with selling then take it to goodwill . . .
As of right now, I'm definitely getting the ADS speakers repaired. They were $900 back when I bought them, so I invest $100 or so and sell them for around $450. If I can get the Luxman M05 fixed for a somewhat reasonable price, I'll then sell all the Luxman components together. Like Mcfarland has said, some kid going away to college would probably snap it up. The rest is still up in the air.
How much are you spending to get the old broken stuff fixed, vs. what you could get for them once fixed? Sell it all "as is"--assuming you have the shipping figured out, boxes, know the weights for UPS, put the components on Fee-bay starting @ $9.99 or $29.99 or whatever. Unless it's old broken speakers, that would cost way too much to fix or ship.

The working stuff, there have to be people looking for Luxman gear, research what it's going for on Fee-bay or A'gon. And don't forget, the $$ you get for all those aging components, you'll have to put towards stuff you really want.....
Oh believe me, I'm not going to dump a whole lot of money into the M02. If it's relatively affordable, then I'll get it repaired. I guess I just have a soft spot in my heart for vintage gear. At the same time, I am realistic.

And yes, with whatever money I make, I'll be upgrading some more of my interconnects. King Cobras, baby!
just got a pair of rectilinear iii lowboys, positioned & hooked them up to mac 4100 and ar xb tt / shure mm cart. sounded okay, but changed the receiver out. now running with lk 72 int. & lt110 mpx stereo tuner scott pieces mr. craig ostby rehabbed. mid-fi stereo heaven! sparkles. issue: driver board held on with 16 (!) screws a la bozak. tried to remove to recap two way x-overs, but they seem to be glued as well as screwed. anybody else encounter this problem? if so, how to overcome it? btw, just finished listening to manfred mann's earth band's album - the good earth - on above set up. lp record was more or less overlooked, but if you can find it in a bin somewhere, grab it. rectilinears are keepers. much nicer than the mac ml 1c's with mq 101 equalizer.