Closet audiophiles

Well there are a good number of regular posters out there who, help everyone regularly. There are many more who have incredible systems but don't post, for what ever reason. On more then one occasionI have received private emails answering questions I have asked about high end gear, from members, whom never post. I understand not everyone has the time or desire to “hang out” in the forum section. But it strikes me as odd that they would take the time and send a private email helping me out on something I have posted in the forum section, I bring this up simply because I feel others could be helped if everyone was able to see what these people sent to me. Have any others out there experienced this, and if any of you “closet audiophiles” are out there come on in, share with everyone.

If you remember Tim, there was a "backlash" regarding certain policies that Audiogon had established ( somewhat forced to ). Some "regulars" stopped posting due to the fact that they did not agree with these policies. Others stepped in to fill their place. I would imagine that the same thing would happen again given the opportunity. Sean
Sean's right. It's also frustrating to type in a quick answer to a question and then, after waiting for moderator approval, discover you've wasted your time because the question was answered by six other people. Just easier to send an email. I do it all the time.

And the other thing is that one may choose to post privately because if they put it on the public forum they'd take alot of heat for it. Not to mention the flames created may do more to hurt the thread starters understanding of the whole thing.
I have indeed received personal emails regarding some of my threads. Its fine, but if I understand Tim correctly, his point is that others may benefit from the response, and he is right. However, until I read Paul's post, I didn't think about the time factor involved in moderator approval. In that case, an email response would definately be more timely. With respect to Ezmeralda11's post, I would hope that the moderator's have helped to quell that fear. I've got a pretty thick skin, but please let all of us know, one way or the other; is the fear of public disapproval still preventing many from posting? Of course, here we do have the best of both worlds; you can post in public or email in private.
Regarding my post, in a way, yes, maybe not as extreme as my colloquol wording may have painted it. Way back I remember someone wanting a tube amp, several people offered suggestions, and when I chimed in (trying to guide this individual for the better) saying he'd be far better of with a good solid-state model in his system (or virtually any system) for that money another two posts followed saying I was basically stupid and that I ignored the original thread altogether. So it was kind of like, when someone wants tubes, tubes you offer, but don't dare say what's better. Tubes can be ok in select systems, but usually ain't worth it, but that starts the 30year debate.
i agree with ezmeraldall. i have posted some responses generated from my personal experience. only to be lambasted by people who have never tried my advice or the equipment being discussed. (just because its really expensive does not mean it sounds better; something all budding audiophiles should learn early) i still post in the open but less frequently than before. i have also gained a lot of good info from the posters on this site. you are now seeing much more IMO and FWIW. Now FWIW i am a tube man myself...but they are my ears; not anyone elses. good post tireguy!
i choose my moment carefully as to when i emerge from the safety of my closet. and when i do, i try to be as diplomatic as possible but i am sure i will be lambasted at some point in future for voicing my opinions. but i still have faith in the goodness and reasonableness of mankind!!
are you using musicial fidelity x-can components, or is your closet able to accept larger pieces? kurt
Kurt, my guess is that Anne has a VERY large "walk in" closet. As such, she can probably "mix and match" components and sizes to suit her wants and needs. Thanks for the laugh though : ) Sean
yes guys....i have plenty of room in my closet,especially after getting rid of all my clothes,shoes etc..getting my priorities right eh?!!
I bet the Silk Chiffon just got a little too close to the 845's! Priorities, eh? ( just reading the archives...rainy Sunday afternoon )