OK Come Clean, whats in your closet ?

No I dont want to hear about any dead bodies or your blue movie collection. I was reading a post on AA about what should people do with their unsold Audio Equipment. Cmon now in addition to that box with a zillion Radio Shack cables what do you have laying around.

I'll come clean.........in the Closet I have

An Anthem MCA 3 series II amp
A Technichs DVDA-10
A Denon Cassette Deck
A BBE sonic maximizer
A Radio Shack rack mounted power conditioner
and 3 NHT Super one speakers.

Not too bad , used to be worse and not that the above items are junk, but who knows, one mans junk could be another mans treaure , maybe this thread can inspire trades or something. So come clean, Whats in your closet ! Thanks.
I was about to proudly say: "I don't have anything in my closet." But then my memory kicked in. I don't have anything as nice as your stuff, but I do have a Dual CS 505 that need two new belts, and a Sony cassette deck. There is a California Audio Labs Icon Mk II on my work bench, but that doesn't count 'cuz it's not in the closet, and I do have a set of AudioQuest sorbothane bigfeet in my cabinet, not to mention the odd phono cartridge laying about.

There, see I don't have anything!
Pioneer PDR 05 CD Recorder
Nakamachi MR-1 cassette deck
Nakamachi BX 2 cassette deck
Sony DAT player
JVC CD Player
cables,cables,power cords
Old Technics turntable (SL-23)
AR Turntable with a Linn Basik Plus arm & Adcom Hexacoil Cartridge
Bryston BP-25 preamp w/ remote
Lots of car amplifier and speaker stuff
Roomtunes Floor Standing PZC 48" Cherry Corner Traps
Roomtunes Cherry PZC Mini Echo and Ceiling Controllers
Sony Audio Video Control Center/Receiver STR AV310
Pioneer PD 450 CD Changer
Pioneer Receiver SX-980 (from back in the day)
Apex AD-600A DVD Player
Lots of cables

Most of it works fine. I might have to motivate myself to sell some of it ;-)
Too Much thats for sure!
A broken Kenwood integrated KA7100
A working MF 308 integrated (will be sold someday)
A working Sansui 717 integrated (may end up selling)
A working Sherwood s5000 60s tube integrated
A non working Sherwood s5000II 60s tube integrated
A working Sherwood 60s tuner
A pair of slightly damaged Klipsch Heresies (not for sale)
2 pairs of JBL C32 "Signatures"
An Akai ?609 or 709d cassette deck no idea if it works
A 5 disc Sony CD changer works
A cheap working Pioneer 90's style integrated supposedly 100wpc (it was this piece that got me into better systems)
A technics 70s vintage reciever with matching speakers
A really beat up Nikko Gamma I tuner but it works.
A broken Luxman 1120 reciever.
Don't ask what I actually use.
The Sherwood and JBL stuff is a tribute to my father's system. On rare occasions I play it. I could part with one set. The other stuff isn't worth selling except where noted. I just gave away a pair of damaged old Wharfedales which my sister gave me. Obviously I should get rid of the rest in some sort of fire sale but I never get around to it. As stated let me know if any of this stuff interests you.
Satelitte receivers
Cables, cables
a Ringmat (up for sale)
assorted audio trinkets that I MAY use sometime during this millenium
This crap just multiplies when I'm not looking.
I'm going to contact Steve Clay of Audiogon. There is a lot of stuff we have in our closets, and a lot of it is worth something--not a lot, but something. Collectively, it's probably worth a lot. I think it would be great if we could give this stuff to the Elf Foundation. They won't be able to use the stuff directly, but perhaps Steve at Audiogon can work out a situation where they bring the stuff in, auction it off, and the proceeds (or 90%, goes to the Elf Foundation). For those of you that don't know the Elf Foundation is a non-profit organization that puts Home Theaters in Children's Hospitals. Those giving these items for that purpose could take a tax write off and then they don't have the hassle of selling it.
Mt, it does multiply. I just ran into a NAD PP-1 phono preamp I forgot all about. Plus lots of isolation cones ... I wonder what else I forgot about??? ;-)

Rives, good idea. Doing something that Audiogon would support for charity sounds like a plan!
Ironically my closet houses my main system...at least the front end and the preamp.

I've been lately having to be pretty diligent about getting rid of excess because we're doing a major renovation at our home and I also just recently took on a partner in my space at work, so space of all sorts is at a premium. Nevertheless, there is stuff there, some of which is currently on A'gon that I'd kept hoping to build another system from:

Vintage Klipsch Heresys
Chicago Speaker stand (just sold)
Stripped bare metal Target Turntable Shelf
Bizarre CD Scratch Repair device (family Xmas gift)
Klipsch Passive Radiator from Forte II's
Way too many CD's I no longer listen too.
Various tubes in collection that I no longer have a use for.

That's probably as good as it's ever been as there usually is quite a bit more going unused.

Almost embarrassing - too much like looking in the mirror of your audio soul, but here goes -

Quad 63's
Acoustats 2200's
Sonic Frontiers SFS80 Amp
Mesa Barron Amp
Perreaux 2150 Amp
Denon TT
Perreaux Tuner
Perreaux Tone Control
Perreaux Tape/TT Aux unit
Audio Alchemy pre amp
MFA Pre amp
Lots of IC's and Speaker wire
More Tubes (LOTS)
Dammed few PC's :-)

And this is apart from 3 working systems..........Makes me blush to think of all the bucks down the drain!
body parts
Ozfly why are the PZC's in the closet? Haven't you tried them? I find them very effective in my room.
Man, the stuff in my closet is totally garbage

I got
some funky on-wall Pioneer CD stereo system
An old Reel-to-Reel
A mixer (dj style)
A sony Reciever. Cant remember model (it sucks)
a Kenwood Reciever, cannot remember model (sucks too)
4 Wavac SH-833 monoblocks (horrible)
a Technics reciever (also sucks)
a very old Awia tape deck
JVC Dvd player
Jimmy Hoffa
Some JVC speakers
some Kenwood Speakers
And the Spice Girls
4 Wavac 833's yea right just keep dreaming Slappy
alot of miscellaneous computer cables and assorted other wires some satellite equipment etc. nothing really valuable just junk anybody want to purchase a grab bag for $20?
Mejames, I designed my listening room pretty much from scratch so the corners are in good shape and the size is very good (32'2"x19'8"x12'1"). Heavy sloping woodwork and sloping tray ceilings elimnate the 90 degree corners and ceiling to wall joints. The walls themselves are a double thickness of heavy drywall glued together and attached to horizontal metal rails (I can't remember what they're called, but they are heavy) and the walls are 6 inches thick (offset 2x4's on a six inch plate) filled with acoustic insulation. We just got some very heavy drapes that cover up one entire wall from corner to corner other than the fireplace in the middle. This has provided the room with a very nice acoustic finish. Since the drapes arrived, the PZC's are in the closet. I still need to figure out what to do with two of the corners, but will need something fairly "invisible" and 10 ft tall to the tray. My wife's been patient enough with the rest of it ;-) If I can't get a decent price on the units, I could always use them in the TV room I guess. They are nice units though.
I bought a Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck three years ago this month - intended to have it brought up to original specs, but then got a great deal on a new DR-10 (for $300.00). So in the closet the Dragon sits. I should sell it - but probably won't.
With my first wife.....her boyfriend..
Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!!!!!!! I just read returned from vaca and read the post. Not even the responses!

You gottaa' be kiddin' me. The "For Sale" list I made ,"To be listed on AGon", ended up being longer than I thought and I never got around to posting Anything. Best yet, that was a few months ago and I've stacked-up even more crap!
scence ive found audiogon & ebay its al cleaned out.
Sherwood S-7300 receiver, good shape
HK930 ditto
HK630, outputs blown
HK330, ditto
TEAC A-100 2-head deck over 30 years old but it plays
Connoisseur BD-2 TT, no belt, no cartridge, cracked cover
Nak BX-100 waiting for idler tire change
Nak BX-125 ditto
Rotel RCD-855 waiting for pickup
Energy 2.1 pair ditto
Zu Cable Warmouth RCA 0.5m

This is the first time I've actually made an inventory. Thanks for the post.
fosgate surround processor 5
broken optonica cassette deck
pioneer combo 8-track/receiver
Radio Shack Nova 5 speakers
scratchy sounding Luxman receiver
numerous ratshack switchers
KLH indoor/outdoor speakers
JVC surround subsat

I've reestablished my Optonica tuner and integrated amp back into the house for my computer desk. Actually the above are in the garage as my closet is too full of other junk I don't use either. Also a whole box of free cables.
Hi, i'm Sean and i have an audio / electronics related disease : )

My "closet" would have to be about the size of a three car garage to hold all of my "spare" electronics and speakers. The last time that i looked for something that i knew i had but didn't know where it was, it took me three months to find it. I'm not joking. By the time i found what it was that i was looking for, the person that was interested in it had sold the complimentary equipment that it would have worked with. Needless to say, i've got WAY too much stuff. Then again, having a lot of "stuff" is what helped me to learn and experience what i have. Sean

PS... Did that sound like a "junky" trying to justify their addiction??? : )
hey sean, im pretty sure there is a 12 step program near you to help treat that nasty addiction.

the first step to recovery is admitting your a stereoholic.

A brute of a receiver, a Sony STR7065. The tuner in this thing is very good. It has apparently died a quiet death but it is too handsome with its wood cabinet to just toss. a couple of little speakers, Yamaha tuner, Koss dvd, misc wires and ic's. Darn, now I'll have to purge it. Out to the shed. Cheers.
But not an audioholic!

OK, here's stuff I got laying around...

Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II interconnects
Blue Circle BC22 amp
Blue Circle BC62 power cord
Blue Circle Music Ring MR1200 power conditioner
Bryston 4B amp
Eastern Electric MiniMax preamp
Luminous Audio AXIOM preamp
NHT SuperZeros speakers
ProAc Response 1SC speakers
ProAc Tablette 50 Signature speakers
Ridge Treet Audio Poiema speaker cables
Virtual Dynamics Audition interconnects and speaker cables
Virtual Dynamics Nite digital cable
Also, a crapper load of tubes and various other cheapo cables.

Most of this stuff I intend to sell and some I'll keep, I just gotta decide which.
About 10 stock power cords, 6m Discovery Signature RCA IC pair, 6 ft. pair of Discovery Signature speaker cables, Canare 1 meter Digiflex Goldi digital cable. That's it. Pretty clean.
Bose 901s, series 1, 1970
Phase Linear 400
Harman Kardon Citation11
ARC D-115mk2
Rega Planet
Spectral DMA50(2)
Spectral DMA200
Spectral DMC10
Acoustat 2+2s
Nakamachi Dragon cassette
Denon tuner(model #?)
AR 3a, pr.
AR2ax, pr
Dynaco A25, pr.
2000 45s
300 78s
2000 33s
100 8 tracks
200 cassettes
Dual 1219 with Shure V15.1 or 2
1960 Ford Starliner with tube AM radio, does that count?

Looks like: YARD SALE!
Kool . I did throw out a couple of pieces 2 months ago , A Sony Ta 55ES Amp, it had a schratchy gain control, which by the time I ever got fixed, then sold, I would only break even, and a Pioneer 5 year old CDR that would not read discs anymore {Good luck trying to find someone to fix that ! } so in the garbage they went !

I found a couple of items not on my original list. A PS Audio Ultimate outlet....{I just got a Audio Magic Eclipse} so The UO is almost in the closet. And a AH transformer hum killer. Also if the cables are above Rat Shack , then they qualify, I have an Acoustic Zen MC2 with a broken connector, some really ugly monster cables and various Audioquests. and some raw Kimber 4TC. In a week we should go over everyones list and put together the best system possible from the various parts and also vote on who is the King of the most useless pieces of audio crap in the closet !
Looks like a lot of nice "junk" collecting dust in some of these closets : ) Sean
Pioneer SX-1250
Pioneer CT-F9191
AR(intergrated amp)
Dual 1229
Micro Acoustics MA-2002e
Pickering XV15-1500
Shure M-91E
Concord SQ decoder
ADC graphic EQ
Sony CDP-CE545
Boxes, boxes and more boxes
I think we are all sick, sick, sick and would need to be placed under the care of the doctor(mechans), but he is just as sick was we are.

In my closest:
Power Amps - AtmaSphere M60
Power Amp - NAD 2600A. Actually, I loaned it to Bud Fried on Saturday after his B&K ST1200 blew. Sadly, music is the only joy Bud is left with, and I am really happy that I was able to give him something that was only collecting dust
Integrated - Kenwood KA6100
Preamp - Blue Circle BC3 Despina
CD player - Pioneer PD5100
Interconnect - Coincident CST
Interconnect - Millersound
Interconnect - Musical Fidelity NuVista
Speaker cable - Vampire Wire ST-III
Speaker - 2 Lowther PM6A
Speaker - 2 Lowther PM6C
Speaker - 2 Vifa P17 midwoofers
Speaker - 4 Vifa D27 tweeters
Speaker - 4 Fried Gefco 8" woofers
Speaker - 2 Gefco 6" midranges
Speaker - 2 Fried(but not fried) tweeters(not sure who made them)
Power cable - 35 feet of some really mean mutha OCC
PC terms - enough for the 35 feet of PC
Coils - 2 10AWG North Creek 4 mH
Coils - 2 10AWG North Creek 0.33 mH
Capacitors - 4 North Creek 100 mF
Capacitors - 2 North Creek 50 mF
Capacitors - 4 North Creek 10 mF
Capacitors - 4 North Creek 1 mF special bypass caps
Capacitors - 2 Wonder-TRT 10 mF DynamiCaps
Capacitors - 2 Wonder-TRT 2 mF DynamiCaps
Capacitors - 2 Wonder-TRT 0.47 mF DynamiCaps
Resistors - too many to list
Lumber - you don't even want to know...

I have a LOT of other stuff, but it truly junk.

Well, I believe I am on the road to recovery, as I am cleaning house this summer/fall, and selling almost everything I do not use.
20' pair Kimber 8vs
McCormack Micro phono pre
Vandersteen 2c's
Cambridge 40 watt integrated amp
Little Rat phono pre
Assorted Cartridges

Buy, sell, trade?
I have a 3 ft tall stuffed frog (keroppi). I gave it to my gf in hs and took it back after we broke up, and it's been in my closet since.

Other than that, I have a complete set of luxman tapedeck, cd, turntable and tuner with only the integrated amp missing since it died already.

I am selling a bunch of stuff that has been in my closet for years such as the Marantz 67se, Nak MB4S, Pioneer CLD-D703, Panny SRX10, Sharp SGD11. I am still holding onto a Nak AV1 and a pair of ADS L980 just incase my mom needs them for karaoke again. And, got a pair of NHT Superones for back up. Last, I got a whole bunch of monster and misc cables left over from an extinct home theater system.
Joe: It was probably a blessing in disguise that Bud's ST-1200 blew up. The 2600 is a far superior sounding amp. Good on you for taking care of him : ) Sean
Sean, you are right as usual. When I spoke to Bud about how the NAD was working out, he told me he was really very impressed with it. He said it was clearly superior to the B&K, and commented specifically on the dynamic range.

It's pretty impressive that one can pick one up for probably $200 used, proving that you can gain a pretty decent foothold into this hobby no matter what your income is. Personally, I love the fact that the input level controls allow you to run CD direct, and attain a very immediate, powerful sound. No, it isn't the best amplifier I have, but it certainly does a yeoman's job, and the bass is better than any of my tube amps.

When I went through a list of amps I had, Bud jumped all over the NAD, as he told me he was the force behind them in the USA in thea early days based on hearing their stuff in Europe. Since he also uses an NAD turntable and tuner, he does believe in the marque.

Fascinating how the man has provided us with so many of the big (especially, European) brands that we take for granted. Lowther, Quad, Dynaudio, NAD, and the list goes on and on. One person who he went on about that I had no knowledge of a connection is Ray Kimber, he has tremendous respect for and friendship with Ray. Now I finally understand what Ray's inspiration for the DiAural crossover came from.
Joe, 2600's typically sell for about $325-$375. The lowest price i've ever seen one sell for was about $275. Other than that, i wasn't aware of Kimber's connection to Bud, but i guess that after looking back, the crossover design might be more visible in hind-sight. For that matter, i wasn't aware of his "zeal" for NAD gear either. Then again, there's a lot of stuff that i don't know. It seems like i find this out everyday : ) Sean
Sean, you mean to tell me my amp is worth about 75% more than I thought? WOO HOO!!!
Well, I have to say that I don't have much gear sitting in my closet these days as over the years, I have sold most of my gear as I have upgraded. But needless to say, I do have a couple of pieces sitting around collecting dust in my closet at the moment.

And they are:

a B&K ST-140 Stereo Power Amplifier, a Perreaux SM2 Dual Mono Preamplifier, and an old 80's NAD 4155 Tuner. All of which I have bought used in the late 1980's/early 1990's (none of which I no longer use).

But, I may hold off on that amp for now. When I assemble my next system in my next house, I may pull the B&K out and put it back in service. But that may depend on which route I'll taking at the time though.