Streaming: From MacBook Pro to Bluesound Node 2

I stream from a MacBook Pro to a PS Audio Nuwave DAC via USB. or SPDIF or Toslink,  I listen to internet radio, Youtube, ripped CD's. Would streaming from a Bluesound Node 2 to the PS Audio DAC be a step up in performance ie. sound quality vs the MacBook Pro? 

Thanks in advance!

Hi Foster... while I can't directly answer your question regarding the Bluesound, my success story is based on using a Matrix X-SPDIF2 as a digital to digital converter (DDC). It takes the USB output from my Macbook Pro (mid-2012 model) and converts to either SPDIF or AES outputs.  The results for me were stunning, and much better than using the USB output directly to my DAC. 

Given the fact the Bluesound Node 2 was designed and built as a music server only, I would say yes. The Apple computer was designed for many functions, but playing music was not a main one. Plus, the digital out on the Node 2 was designed, once again, to be used with a quality DAC. 
Wow Mark, thanks. I don't know if you remember me, but I remember you from many years back in these forums. Nice to see you're still around, and thanks for the feedback. I actually use an Audiophilleo 2 usb to spdif converter. 

Hey Foster, still around, and yes, we had some good dialogues in the past. Good to hear from you!

I keep a lower profile now, as Audio is not quite as much a priority as it used to be, but still enjoying the hobby! With today's tech, it's a great time to be an audiophile and not needing to spend as much as in the past to get great music reproduction!

I've heard good things about the Audiophilleo, but haven't heard one myself. The results of converting USB to SPDIF in my system were eye (uh, make that ear) opening!!
+ with psyop.  
I don’t have the PS Audio DAC but I do have a Mytek Manhatten and a Bryston DAC 3 and have used both the the Bluesound Vault2 (which is the Node 2 with a CD ripper and HD added) and the Bluesound sounds significantly better than my MacAir into the same DACs.  
BTW I have run a digital out from my Bluesound Node 2 to both Benchmark DAC and a Schiit DAC and both sound much better than my MBP. Even the internal DAC within Node 2 is much better than the MBP.