Macbook with USB C ports as music server to Vinnie Rossi LIO: which cables are best?

Hi, I'm building a new system and have a USB question that I haven't seen directly addressed: If I'm using a 2019 Macbook as a music server, which has only two USB C ports, is there a difference in sound quality between a USB C to B cable (not too many of those being sold) to connect to the DAC vs. a USB A to B with an Audioquest Carbon A to C adapter?  Just reading that last sentence gives me a headache, but since I prefer buying used to new, I'd love to get a great used A to B cable and then use the adapter, but will using the adapter reduce sound quality?  If it does, then I'm probably better off buying a new C to B cable from Moon, or Audioquest, or a handful of other makers., but that's going to be significantly more expensive and it really limits the choices.  Fyi, the amp/dac is a Vinnie Rossi Lio with the original DAC, about to be upgraded to the L2 DAC. For the L2 DAC btw, Vinnie recommends a direct USB connection to the server. Right now, I'm especially interested in the Triode Labs, Inakustic, and Audioquest carbon or diamond cables.