Stereo or monaural for solo instruments

I began my listening interests in the days before stereo and, at that time, of course, enjoyed listening as much as I do now. As a matter of fact, because much of my listening interest involves solo guitar, I wonder if returning to monaural reproduction might be as accurate a presentation of, if not more so, than stereo.

I experimented with this a bit by adjusting the balance to either the right or left speakers while listening to one of my favorite Adrian Legg CD's and found the sound to be quite realistic but with something missing that I can't put my finger on. I assume that some of this has to do with recording studio setup.

I realize that in a properly balanced system the sound is apparently centered but I also have developed hearing issues that make it difficult to separate individual instruments from one another. This is probably one of the reasons that I like the simplicity of single instruments at a time.

Anyway, I like the idea and the simplicity of sound emanating from a single location as it would be if the guitarist was sitting across the room from me but before I start looking for a way to best modify my system to, at least, listen to certain music that way, I would like to hear any suggestions that you may have.
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Years ago while building speakers, I used to listen the left channel only for voicing purposes. Used many solo instrumental recordings. Once I got the tonality right I added the right channel speaker to evaluate the stereo image.
Elizabeth is testament to the amazing capacity the human being has to adjust to hearing problems !
Both, it depends on how the original recording was done. If it was recorded in stereo listen to it that way but if it was recorded in mono and then channeled to stereo listen to it in mono as it was meant to be heard. There are many mono recordings that sound better than stereo.
To begin with I didn't mean to imply that I thought that my music sounded better in mono; as a matter of fact, I even said I thought something was missing in mono mode.

I like what Hevac says. If music is recorded in mono one should listen to it that way and the converse should also be valid; it makes sense to me. However, I have quite a collection of recordings all of which, as far as I'm aware, are recorded in stereo so that, even though apparently logical, it is an approach that I won't be looking at to resolve my question.

Ultimately, although I appreciate your several responses, I have spent considerable time, effort and money to create the very good stereo setup that I now have so I will simply accept it and abandon the mental calisthenics that led to this post. I still think, btw, that a single speaker for listening to solo guitar makes sense.
Hey Liz, sorry to read about your hearing problems. You're a serious hobbyist who has added much to the Forum. My compliments on your stoic acceptance of the situation and willpower to push on and take what you can from the gear.