Status of the Cartridge Database

I don't post here very often but I figured I would try and head off the questions...

The Cartridge Database has been moved to another site after 6 years of operation. I had the advantage of free hosting for the entire life of my site but that advantage has unfortunately ended.

The data, and the equivalent funtionality, has been moved and with the exception of a different look and feel, you should find everything you are looking for at it's new home.

Take care,

THANKS so much for hosting this site for the past 6 years! I have found it to be a GREAT reference and used it all the time.

I'm sure the Vinyl Engine will continue with it as you would always have wanted it to.

Thanks again...
Ed, your website is one of the most worthwhile available for those of us in the hobby. Thanks so much for keeping this information available. I constantly use the site for reference. Bravo and thanks again!

Thank you Ed! I appreciate all the work you've done.
Another big "thank you" from me too. Your site is indispensable to our hobby.
I notice that you have shacked up with vinylengine, another excellent place to be!
Thanks, Ed. The CDB has been a valued source for all of us for quite some time.
More kudos for all your efforts - a wonderful resource.