Static Problem

I have a VPI TNT MKV/JMW12.5/van den hul Black Beauty set-up all sitting on top of VPI TNT stand with a Bright Star Big Rock.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA. As the winter has come, I have noticed static "pops" developing ( mostly in one (right) channel. I usually discharge by touching the turntable platter, but it soon builds up again.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
Wear rubber soled shoes, and don't scuff your feet when you walk over to the TT. If the static is building up while playing, you may need to check your ground from the chassis near the bearing. This should drain the static buildup while playing. If it doesn't have this, you might check with VPI for their ideas on solving it. Also, a humidifier will help out. This is usually related to dry air conditions.
Try "zapping" your system and records with a Zerostat, or apply Radio Shack (or Cling Free brand)anti-static spray to your components and cables periodically.
You might want to try a product called Gruv Glide. I have a terrible static problem. This stuff really works as stated and does a very good job getting rid of static. They are in the Audiogon Lists under "G".

Hope this helps
I had a worse problem with my TNT III where the cartridge would no longer track due to static buildup. Touching the lp with a carbon fiber cleaning brush would solve the problem--for about 5 minutes. I called VPI and learned that it's not uncommon. Their suggestion, which worked for me was to ground the turntable. On the III, on the underside there is a metal shaft corresponding to the spindel. I looped a wire around it and attached the wire to a good ground. The problem went away. VPI also mentioned that if the above solution didn't work, they could supply conductive belts which would solve the problem, though the turntable might sound "different".

Hope this helps. Good luck
Get some moisture into that room's air. I run a humidifier full-time in my listening room during the winter, makes a huge difference in the static levels. Feels better on your sinus passages and lungs, too. Also helps to keep the wood cabinets from getting dry so fast.
Thanks for all the help. I think I will go with a humidifier and groundwire and see what happens.
On more question -- about a groundwire solution. Is there any reason not to hook up the groundwire to the ground on my pre-amp? The groundwire from the tonearm is hooked up in that way.