Best Electrostatic Cans-Stax vs. Koss

Anybody compared these electrostatic headphones? Which are the best? Thanks.
I'd say the Stax. But with either, you'll hear the all the good--and the bad--in your system. Ultimately, I couldn't bear to hear the bad, and that in-your-brain "headphone effect" drove me nuts.
Not even close. I used to sell both at a retail level-Stax all the way.
Stax is used by many recording engineers--to hear the good and the bad. They are great when you are listening to pristeen recordings, but I agree with Estrnad--it's fatiguing. An interesting side note is the processing that Headroom does in their amplifiers that give a little bit of cross talk with delay. I use one of these when I travel (by air). It really does make a huge difference on the fatigue factor--it sounds more natural and less "in your head".