Static Control Will A Mat Help

I have a huge static problem with my vinyl, especially after cleaning on a RCM.
I live in Florida and the static build up on my albums is so much that when I remove the LP from the TT you can see the charge jump to the Arm Mounting assembly.

I was going to invest in a Zerost but then had the bright idea that maybe an anti Static mat under the TT may eliminate the problem.
I tried a “platter mat” totally ineffective
Any thoughts
Get a zerostat!!!!
Do you clean your records before playing? Use the AI (Audio Intelligent vinyl cleaner from. Best I've ever used. I am also in Florida. I clean the record with the fluid, and I have a Zerostat but don't find I need it.

Yes I clean them before I play tem usually with TTVJ cleaning fluid using a VPI RCM, then Steam, final suction then use a micro fiber cloth for the last pass.
The Micro fiber adds to the static build up. it is like a mini bolt of lighting to the arm!
As a side note can this damage the cartridge?
It's possible to use a conductive turntable mat, allowing the charge to bleed off through the chassis of the table, provided it's grounded.

This and a Zerostat should end all static.
Is it possible that a copper mat could cause static?
curious as generally with humidity above 40% static is not an issue. If you can see the spark that indicates voltages like 10Kv to 15Kv and higher which is in the shuffling across the carpet range. Electrical guru's could this be a grounding issue with the posters player or something?
There was a recent thread on this and someone suggested dryer sheets (rubbing your hands on them before touching gear). I was prevously spraying static guard on my carpet in front of the turntable. The dryer sheets worked but when we got hit with some nasty weather, they didn't have much of an effect. The static guard does a decent job but you need to constantly apply it on the rug. I am currently looking into antistatic mats, but not for under my turntable but on the carpet infront of the rack.
As far as using a conductive mat, that sounds reasonable, but I have an aluminum platter, grounded, and still static accumulates on the disc, discharging when I remove after playing. Apparently the disc itself is such a good insulator that the top surface builds up a charge even when the bottom of the disc is grounded. Zerostat cures this, but it would be more convenient if I could find a treatment that made the surface slightly conductive . . .
If you have central a/c the add a humidifier to your system. This will take care of static issues in you entire house not only your listening space. Set in for 40 to 50%.
It is cheaper than a cartridge or speakers, etc from the sudden elecrical discharge.