Stands for VR4JR?

Anyone have their VR4JRs raised?

For my height and seating position, I think I'd benefit from about 6"-7" lift. I was planning to build some heavy MDF bases filled with sand but forgot about the project until the recent change in the weather has me thinking of firing up the table saw. I traded email with someone who did this and he reported tighter bass and improved image resolution. Basicly the same improvements sound anchor claims from their stands. But I can't find a SA stand for these speakers.

Before I risk a thumb, is there any welded stand like the sound anchors for the VR4JR?

Has anyone tried this and arrived at a favorite solution. A regular sandbox could work as well but I'm already pushing the WAF envelope here and need something that will blend with the bass of the cabinets.
lovan makes the jazz 600, a 6" welded steel stand. you can buy them for $159 shipped from a couple of website. they are sand / shot fillable to extra mass.
I saw some on a web site the other day but I checked my history and can't figure out where it was. I was looking for maple butcher blocks and whatever company I was looking at had a nice custom made, heavy duty stand for the 4JRs.