Stand question: Lovan vs. VTI

Have any of you used VTI stands? Are the decent?

It looks and seems constructed very much like the Lovan Classic series, but it costs much less.

Don't know about either. Throw this into your search. Sistrum, found at Speak to Robert. You can thank me later. If you're looking cheap/inexpensive: like Gilda Ratner of Saturday Night Live, use to say, "never mind." peace, warren
Personally, I own the Lovan Classic series....
I think they are great... The shelves could be a little more
rigid.. But this is only a small complaint. They are very interchangable and can be filled with sand or shot. Audioadvisor is selling the classic I for 199.00. That is pretty good pricing.
Having looked at the VTI, they look very similar...
I couldnt say anything negative about the VTI having no experience with them, but I can say that the Lovan is constructed well and I have been very happy with them.
Best of luck,
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I use the lovan and very happy with them. The VTI look simular and are a bit less money. I think you cant go wrong with either. The lovan uses different wood shelves as for the VTI they use MDF and I dont care for MDF shelves. The lovan stands are very rigid and very versital as I have two for my amps that sit on the outside of each speaker then I use four more, two side by side with one stacked on top of each other between the speaker for Preamp, Power Supply for Preamp, D/A and Transport, this works out well for me as two stacked is only around 14 inches high and doesn't interfear with sound stage or my image, I use one more in front of my front end for my Power Plant P-600
and by using the Lovan type of stands it gives me alot of different combos as my equipment needs change.\
Happy Listening!