Lovan Rack- alternative to stock Rubber dots

Is there a superior product that owners are using to replace the stock rubber dots that stick on the frame? If the legs and crossings are lead and or sand filled can the rack benefit with out this option entirely.
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I replaced BOTH the rubber dots and the shelves. I use 1/4" round, clear (plastic?) cushions, the ones you see under heavy plate glass table tops. The stock shelf was replaced with custom triangle 1/4" glass. The Lovan triangle rack units are lead-filled. Two 10" units on top of one 7" unit. The "shelf" on the top unit was replaced with a custom triangle 3cm granite platform. Three ModSquad TipToes (points down) rest in the dimples of the brass endcaps, they have rubber backing between them and the granite bottom. THEN another custom (20x14x2") block of polished granite rest on top of the triangle granite and a combo of three B.D.R. "ThoseThings" carbon fibre bases & Vibrapods support the 2nd granite amp platform.