lovan legacy stands

been trying to buy one of these but not having much luck and was just wondering if anyone out there is still using one of these. Its hard to believe that only having been out of business for only a few years that there are none out there anymore. Does anyone know if they sold a lot of these at one point.
Ouch! I just threw mine out and would have been happy to
donate them to a new home. All I have left is the Lovan
I just viewed their web site


Appears the legacy and all other models is still available

I use the Classic and think it's great value - after a few minor tweaks are made :-)

I use the Soverign 2+2 & like it still. I've done some mods to make it more resonant-proof. Not planning to sell them .....
yes web site still up but not functional and phone number disconnected. Seems like they just shut there doors 3 years ago. It seemed they were selling there products widely and it is surprising that more is not showing up for sale
I'd really like to find three amp stands - or even just the 4" legs from the amp stands. I've got 5 glass shelves, but would like to lower them. If anyone out there knows where I can find some, please let me know!