Squeezebox touch-itunes or not?

I just set up a squeezebox. I am brand new to this. I have started to rip my CD collection to i-tunes library using WAV. First is WAV better than using Apple Lossless? and when the SB server pulls data from I-tunes and sends it to the SB touch does it stay in High Res? Just want to know that I am getting best sound from this process or if I need to save cd's outside of i-tunes to get the best sound quality? I have also read about FLAC? Right now the SB touch is not sounding as good as my Cambridge Audio 840C CD Player. I am running the SB touch through the Cambridge Audio 840C DAC. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks
Get outta ITunes. Pickup J River Media Centre or Foobar,etc and do proper rips. Stick with FLAC and Hi-rez is assured and easy to tag/label unlike WAV.
Thanks Spinaker01. I set up Foobar2000 yesterday and ripped about 20 cd's. Getting the FLAC to pull into foobar was a bit of a challenge for me but it is working with FLAC now. It does sound better and I am liking the squeezebox now.
Jamo, I have just setup the similar setup but not run the SB thru my CA 740C as it was in for repair. Which way are you running the SB in via? I have the same take without using the CA DaC...The SB sounds decent but not as good as the 740C.Still the convenience is a major factor as I have 1000s of digital files I use with my Ipod for work, communting ec. I will watch your post for info too. Good luck.
I have been running the SB touch through a digital coax (rca)to the Cambridge Audio 840C DAC. I played with the upsampling setting recently and I am getting a fairly good sound that is closer to the CD players sound. I am thinking that the intial disapointment had more to do with the unit needing breaking in. With a couple weeks of use it seams to sound better. After learning more I started using WAV for saving disc on FOOBAR But I can't tell a difference from FLAC sound wise.
Jamo1, I use Airport Express but idea is the same - data wirelessly transfered in packets between transmitter (computer) and receiver (AE, Squeezebox etc). What does it mean? It means that data is transferred instead of music. It is important difference because data has no timing. If it doesn't have timing then it doesn't matter what computer system, what OS, how noisy computer is, what other programs are running, what playback program is or what was the storage format. Whole game starts at the output of wireless receiver that creates new S/Pdif timing and the only parameter that counts is jitter. My AE has very small jitter but Benchmark DAC1 suppresses it even further. I don't know how many people realize beauty of this setup buying dedicated computers, playback programs, computer linear supplies, Solid State drives etc.