JRiver & Logitech Squeezebox Touch Problem

I have ripped many CD's on JRiver to playback on my SBT with little problems until recently. Now my ripped CD's are not being tagged and show up on the SBT as "No Artist" & "No Album". Tracks are shown alphabetically now instead of in their proper running order. No longer shows artwork. Tried iTunes and no problems like this occurred. Logitech said that it is an ID3 Tag problem with Jriver as iTunes is not having any of these issues. Checked all my settings (which I didn't change as far as I know) and could find nothing wrong. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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How about the CDs that you ripped previously? Are those still showing up right? Is it just the CDs that you ripped recently? Where do you have the files stored? Did you check the properties of some of the troublesome files to see if the metadata is indeed attached to the files?

If all of the files are giving you trouble, meaning the ones previously ripped and those more recently ripped, you might try resetting the SBT to see what happens.
All of my previously ripped CD's and all the artwork and tags I put on them function perfectly still. Only the recent ones on JRiver are not being tagged properly. I store them on an External HD and tried ripping some to my C drive and the same problem occurred only on recently ripped JRiver files. I checked the files and they look the same as they always did. iTunes works fine before and now. Seems to be JRiver but can't figure out what as I haven't changed any settings. Checked them anyway & looked fine.
Have you tried contacting JRiver? If all else fails, I use dBPoweramp to rip to my server in FLAC, and playback through a SBT. The dBPoweramp allows you to edit and verify the tags and album art prior to the rip. I use MP3tag to edit the tags and album art post-rip as needed. So far, so good.
Special thanks to Bondmanp and Tonyangel for your suggestions and help. The problem was with one little setting. My problem has been completely resolved! On JRiver under "edit" at the top left of the page under "Tag" the "update tags when file info changes" setting was unchecked. Checking this completely fixed my problem. Now I am able to rip CD's, tag artwork, tracks and the like with ease!