How do I get the most out of the Squeezebox Touch

I'm streaming music from the PC in my office to the audio system in my living room via the SBT. It sounds good but I'd like to improve it. I'm aware that I can run the SBT output through a better DAC but I'm thinking that will cost several times the price of the SBT in order to hear an improvement. Is there anything that I can do on the PC end prior to the signal leaving the PC. I'm aware of different players like Foobar, JRiver, etc. and enhancements to iTunes such as Pure Music but will any of these even matter since the files don't "play" through those interfaces.

use lossless format and tweak the audio system from there. dac is one possibility. a good tube dac may not cost much and should change the sound.
Unless I am confused, I don't think using any of the other players will get you anything. You are using Logitech Server software to get the music from your library to your SB Touch.

Shakey is correct.
Thanks. I didn't think these players would matter. I am using lossless files. Is there anything else I can do on the PC to improve the sound
Search the Squeezebox forum under the Audiophile section. There is talk about installing some plug-ins/software optimizing the server to improve streaming quality. I haven't tried them myself yet, but from reading the postings it supposedly does make a difference.

One setting on Logitech Server software that I did make which I found on SoundCheck's blog is the setting the decoding file type for FLAC

AIFF - Disabled
FLAC - Disabled

Doing this will have the server decode (unpack) the FLAC file so the SBT doesn't have to do the work. I recommend checking out SoundCheck's blog also for more recommendations.
Thanks. I tried accessign the Logitech server software to check the settings but I can't seem to find them. Where are they?
A lot depends on where you are coming from. If you are trying to beat a high dollar cdp with the Touch, you will definitely need an outboard DAC. If your digital front end is somewhat modest, you will be fairly impressed with the converter in the Touch. Either way, I still recommend adding a better PS.

Step 1: DAC
Step 2 and others are optional.

You will find it if you go the website your server is running under (http://ipaddress:9000) I believe it's under the Advanced tab. There will be a drop down box somewhere on the left and one of the choices should be "File Type".
The (relatively) inexpensive DAC.IT from Peachtree Audio ($413. From Crutchfield -open box item) added a major improvement in the audio staging and overall improvement in the sound to my Touch - especially when streaming 96/24 FLAC files. In addition, I recommend Soundcheck's TT 3.0 mods...
A good outboard dac will improve the sound of the squeezebox at a markable improvement but, it is still inferior to a streight PC interface (a good soundcard)into that same dac.
Here is what I have done.
1. Boulder Mods to Touch.
2. Boulder Power supply.
3. Zu Mother Power Cord to Boulder power supply.
4. Power supply plugged into my Synergistic Powercell.
5. Boulder upgraded umbilical cord.'Nitro"
6. Morrow Audio D4 digital cable with Eichman silver RCA's.
7. Using Dac section from my Cary 306 SACD.
Ozzy, if you've gone that far, you've _got_ to try the Soundcheck firmware mods. Disable the analog outs, ethernet-hardwire to disable off wireless if you can. In any case, be sure to set flac decoding to happen on the server and not at the touch. You'll be happy.
Cymbop, Yes, I am using straight ethernet connection.

I tied Soundchecks mods several times but my computer kept getting hung up on some of the settings. I forget now exactly what the problem was, but I gave up.
Perhaps I need to give it another try.
Here's my SB Touch set-up

1. Boulder Power Supply.
2. VH Audio AirSine to Boulder power supply.
4. Power supply plugged into Hydra 6
5. Boulder upgraded umbilical cord 'Nitro"
6. VH Audio Pulsar Ag SPDIF with WBT NextGens.
7. Stello DA100 Signature DAC
8. Dynobot's software mods to SB Touch

Next step is to send the SB Touch in for the Boulder Digital only mod.

This arrangement has unlocked my digital music collection formerly trapped on a laptop in my home office that dedicated to music only. This laptop also serves as the basis for my headphone rig in my office - of course, SB Touch and headphone rig are never "on" at the same time.