Spyder 2 Pro monitor calibration kit ?

Has anyone tried these out yet ? http://www.datacolor.com/products_digital.shtml
Nope but (1) I have the SpyderTV which I hope to run this weekend and (2) there's lots of discussion of these products on www.avsforum.com in the forum on calibration.

I run a Spyder 2 calibration system on the LCD monitor I use for PhotoShop editing. I use it with the previous Photocal software, though. It's simple and works like a charm. The colours are very true, and I get excellent colour matching from screen to print using the Spyder/Photocal and the ICM profiles that came with my Epson 4000. I've also used the original colorimeter they provided with ColorCal software several years ago. The new system is faster and better in every way. The art and science of colour matching have really come home to the desktop in the last two or three years.
Like "Glider" above, I use the Spyder2 calibration system on my LCD and CRT monitors, and have been very pleased with the improvement in color accuracy. I take photos of small items (such as jewelry and art glass) for posting on the Internet, and the Spyder2 system has been very beneficial in assuring color accuracy. It's very easy to use, and if you shop around on the Internet, you can buy it for about $135-140.