Calibration DVD

I've been reading about the Avia and DVE discs and it seems that neither one has good instructions for use.
Can anyone comment on these or recommend something else?
? I'm sure someone here has used calibration DVD....
I have both the AVIA and the DVE discs. I also own Joe Kane's original calibration LD. While original LD was wonderful to calibrate analog televisions, the DVDs are virtually useless in calibrating todays DTVs. The directions even left me confused and I am accustomed to using the LD. I suggest that you get yourself a blue wratten filter and use it to do a basic calibration with regular color signal broadcasts. Dont waste your money on these dvds.
I have a Sony CRT, does that make a difference. Also, using the blue filters, any instructions and where to get them?
I was able to use both disks for calibration of my RP-HDTV and both improved the picture. For more money you can have a ISF technician calibrate it and it is much better. Both disks are confusing, but have what you need to adjust the user controls. I never found the blue filters for THX calibration. Good luck!
I bought DVE a while back and while it was a little trying I did manage to make significant improvements in my picture in an hour or two.
DVE is terrible for navigating! On CRT RPTVs use Avia for color and DVE for geometry.

As for the filters there should have been small gels(colored plastic pieces) in the Avia disc case that are the filters you look through.
Oops! That should have been use Avia for geometry and coloration and DVE for grayscale.
I have both DVE and Avia. I liked DVE for video calibration (color and geometry), but the audio calibration was horrible. DVE subwoofer audio signal was WAAAAYYYY off and I do not like a sweeping audio test signal (meaning the audio test signal sweeps from channel to channel).

I haven't used Avia for video, but the audio test signal is controlled by the user (meaning you choose when to transfer the test signal from one channel to the other).

I may not understand audio processing, but with my speakers in LARGE (my preferred setting), I could not send the .1 LFE signal to my subs - this was a let down for me.