Springsteen reissued? Hhmmm

Just purchased "Born in the USA" cd on special at Best Buy for $6.99. Only Boss album I didn't have on cd (used to have it on cassette back in the day and it's not one of my favorites so I just never got around to it).

The interesting thing is the cd is clearly packaged differently from other editions I have seen, clear case with additional artwork and spine art like the lp (not standard Columbia/Sony red lettering).

Does anyone know if the cd has been remastered? There is no info about remastering in the liner notes, but the packaging makes me wonder and Springsteen's catalog is long overdue for a remastering. . .

I've only listened to it in the car so far, so I have no comment on sound quality at this point.
I don't think he had any time for remastering...he was much too busy kissing John Kerry's arse :-)
I don't have an answer, but sometimes amazon can give you a clue. The '75 album is noted as a '90 issued CD there.

Besides, mass market re-mastering is hardly necessarily a good sign. Whatever the vintage, Springsteens albums have among the most compressed dynamic range I can think of, especially "The River" on the original vinyl. What a waste (not with respect to that album in particular.)

Anyway, wouldn't you rather go to fatparrot's for pork rinds and his 'ol Anita Bryant 8 tracks. Soooeee! (Spelling? I'm from a blue city, if not state.)
Maybe it was in response to Ronald Reagan's comment that the Springsteen album 'Nebraska' "really expresses the true spirit of America."

Ronnie made a whoops!
Springsteen's material hasn't been remastered in terms of actual albums-the GH's comp. from a few years back might have had individual tracks done-and Tracks the box set of outtakes was mastered using the latest technology and was also HDCD.

The albums are pretty flat on CD.
Packaging can always be different from different countries or indeed different issues but The Boss requires to be given the Remaster treatment!
Kudos to fatparrot