Spendor BC1

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I have an Spendor BC 1 , a member want to buy , he ask me to open the front grill for checking driver 's condition , but it the cabinet seems old style , cannot open like old AR 4x , AR 3 . so how can i check the drivers ?
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It is very difficult to remove without causing damage to the grill or the cabinet. Best to use a putty knife, working around the edges, and gently pry. If they've never been off it will be a challenge. Patience, time and care are the keys.
If it was me, I might reconsider making the sell. I can certainly understand a buyer wanting to know the drivers condition, but when you got speakers who's grill and cabinet are very difficult to remove to check the drivers, then you're risking damaging the speakers themselves to make this check. And if you did damage the speakers in removing the grill, but drivers checked out, would the buyer still be willing to buy the speakers? I would think probably not. Basically is the risk in removing the grill worth the sell? If it was me, I would sell locally and let the buyer listen to the speakers and determine whether or not to buy from the listening test.
.....or other than that, you might see if there someone in your area who is experienced in sucessfully, and carefully removing (and replacing) grills from speakers like the Spendor BC1. That way you (or they) can check the drivers, and you can rest assure that the speakers themselves weren't damaged in the process.
I was a Spendor dealer and removed the grill many times. If you can grasp the edge of the grill with your fingertips and pull back it should come off.[Pull Hard!] I have had to resort to a small knife at times but use care. As the other reply said , what are you going to see when it is off? If the speaker sounds good the drivers are working, the only thing you would be able to do is to push on the center of the woofer to see if it is rubbing; I have never encountered this in a Spendor. If you have a test disk you can do a frequency check , but I wouldn't think it was necessary.