Spectral SDR 4000SV owners?

Comments on the sound quality of Red Book CDs?
@ptss I don’t own one but, I’ve heard it a few times and will do so again soon; In an all Spectral system it was breathtaking for redbook CD playback. I had no idea rebook CD could sound that good.

@mdp632. Thanks. Very interesting when another thread is asking if CD is dead. Spectral is a leading edge player, and costly,but I believe others will improve soon. Computing speed and horsepower combined with manufacturing refinements should yield great improvements in the near future. I feel Graphene creates interesting possibilities for fine electronics. 
I have one coming in about a week.  I am told it’s a killer player, particularly if paired with the Spectral 30 SV pre (which I also have).  
@wardl Congrats. You will soon own the best (imho) redbook CD player.

It makes you forget about high res , etc and just be amazed on how good redbook cds sound.

Look forward to reading your impressions about the 4000sv if you post them here.

What is the rest of your system ?
Shipping tomorrow, get it next week, took longer than expected.  Will post when I get it.  My system is spectral pre and cd, soulution mono amps, Magico M3s.  Hope the new CD player will sound great 👍 
I have one with recommended MIT cables in an all Audio Research system. Highly resolving. Comparable to hi res in a great hi res system.
@gpgr4blu . I found moving up to Oracle level cables provided very significant improvement. Have you experimented?
@ptss No but perhaps I will. I have Magnum AC2 pc and Ultralinear III ICs which the retailer used to show an all Spectral system. 
Finally got it, what a killer player!  Very pleased.  I’m using the new MIT heritage 2c3d level 1 cables, I’m told they are pretty close to the new top of line oracle. I use these same series cables for all of my speaker and ICs, love them.
@wardl Congrats on the SV ; its an amazing digital source.  Regardless of it only being a redbook CD player.  Can you imagine when and if Spectral releases a separate DAC in the future.  Btw; yes the 2C3D line of cables are the new Spectral Ultralinear series IV. 

To the SV owners in this thread.  Did you cross shop and or compare the 4000SV to another disc player/ digital source before purchasing? If so, what brands/models did you consider?

Yes. I've heard DCS (stack), Esoteric, MSB, Reimyo, EMM Labs, CH Precision, Zanden--although only Esoteric and BelCanto in my system.  For redbook, I prefer Spectral.
I own the Spectral SDR-4000SL, the previous model (before the SV). I have heard both at length - the two sound similar, but the main difference is that the SV provides an added dash of clarity. Regardless, you'd be happy with either model as the two share an interesting hybrid sound signature - they can make a redbook CD sound dangerously close to a respectable slab of vinyl.

I also compared it to the latest dCS stack, and bought the 4000SL. It was a demo unit on sale, just prior to the release of the SV. A great buy, and it provided great new value to my 2000+ CD collection.