Spectral Audio DMC 10 Quality

Hello Everyone!

I'm a newbie here and I've come with a question I hope someone might be able to answer.

I'm in a bit of a situation where I have to explain the quality and cost of the Spectral Audio DMC-10 to someone who isn't familiar with high end audio. This all pertains to insurance coverage. The company likened my equipment to a Pyle Pro Pre-Amp, which is only just over $100 retail. Obviously the 2 are not the same!

But how does one find the retail or replacement cost for high end vintage audio? I don't think eBay listings will do.

If anyone has a suggestion, I would most certainly love to hear it. And if anyone has an opinion on the Spectral Audio DMC-10 I'd love to hear that too!

Many thanks in advance
If you need to establish value for insurance purposes, you could rely on Audiogon's Blue Book.
The price of the DMC-10 in the bluebook is between $850 and $1,050 depending on the version. It would be worth paying for an Audiogon Insider account if that would convince the insurance company.
Ah! The Blue book. That’s what I’m needing I suspect. I just hope the insurance company will respect the Blue Book pricing.

One of the issues I’m facing is that my insurance company considers my equipment “obsolete.” They suggested the Pyle Pro would be even “more advanced” because “modern technology.”

They likened it to a computer from the 80s that might have cost $2000 new but only had the capabilities of a $10 calculator available today 😣 They’re just missing the point completely 

I’m still unsure of how to convince them that this machine is high quality and not comparable to a Walmart purchase but perhaps the Blue Book will help 🤔

Thank you both for the feedback
Is your policy ACV or RC if rc they owe you a brand new unit
I hate to say it but many times with insurance claim you may benefit from a claims legal consultant.  However if this is the only thing being claimed it wouldn’t be worth it. When an insurance company knows you have legal representation they become more accommodating. Insurance companies know how to find the value of items but many times they will not pursue it unless you force the issue. You can also find where an  item like yours has sold and for how much. Along  with the audiogon bluebook. 
you are being taken advantage of. if you have a standard policy of actual cash value the co. owe you the price of Spectral pre. at the current used value not some item of a lesser brand..if you have replacement cost they owe you at least the least expensive spectral new pre.amp.. two decades supervising claims tell me the above is correct.
Katmax, thank you! 

I called my agent instead of my adjuster and it looks like you are correct! If they honor the policy I have (replacement/no depreciation coverage) I should be covered for a comparable unit from Spectral! I’m gathering an estimate to submit and am hoping for the best. 

Thanks again!