specific need


I have specific needs for speakers.
I have ordered the new Maggie 20.7 speakers but I don't expect them to be ready until summer (which could morph into fall).
In the meantime I have no music as my previous speakers have blown up.
I have also purchased equipment suitable for the new Maggies (if they ever arrive).
I have Sanders electronics that could blow up a small state.
I have rel subwoofers that could do the same.

But in the meantime - I have no music.

So I would like to purchase some sort of speaker that I could use in the meantime.
Ideally this speaker would

A - Be able to fill a large room ( 25'x35') with the help of the aforementioned sub-woofers.
B - Be able to then be moved to a smaller room (15'x18'). I'm saying this because when the new Maggies come my interim speakers would move from my music room to the living room.

Gee, I wish I could just rent speakers for six months.

Ideally these speakers would work with the mongo powerful electronics and sub-woofers.

I'm sort of thinking some sort of mini-monitor speaker.

Is there any sort of monitor out there that could work with these electronics and sub-woofers and then migrate to a different environment in a smaller room?

Go with a used pair of Martin Logans. They have that wondeful transparent sound you obviously like and they do best with lots of power.

I have a 14 year old pair of Aerius in my basement in a second system/home theater and they sound great.

You want to find ANY speaker with a great easy to resell quality.
What with the cheap prices of 3.6 Maggies i would buy some if I were you.. could find locally?
So for $2,500 or so, you would have a small taste of your future speakers, then sell the 3.6s when your 20.7s come in.
Try asking your dealer if any 3.6 customers are going to 3.7s.
The Ohm Micro Walsh Tall ($1K/pr) or the Ohm 1000 (+/- $2K) might do the trick. These are tonally neutral, good mates for subwoofers, and (IMHO) their omni design makes for an unusually convincing presentation. You won't want to try for rock concert SPLs in your larger room (especially with the MWT), but -other than that- you'll be in good shape.
even tho they might not "fill" a larger room why not get a pair of mag mmgs if you like the brand. those seem to sell fast or would be a pretty nice speaker in the "b" system.
Just get Dunlavy, saw them here, and be happy. And who knows, you might even want to cancel you order? Maybe not, doesn't matter.