Specific question choosing Duelund vs Mogami for affordable interconnect

I realize everyone has their favorite, I’m looking at two: Mogami (2549, possibly others models)and Duelund 20 GA dca w switchcraft RCA plugs.
Modest interconnect from Onkyo C 7030 to Rotel RA 1070 integrated. 1 meter length.

Yes, I’ve read and reread several threads on this, didn’t find anything focused on the above, just opinions on analog vs digital, balanced vs single end etc.

Anyone use(d) both, care to compare?
Also, do either require a ’ break in" period to exhibit they’re most musical presentation?
Thank you
Take a look at AudioSensibility in Canada. The US dollar is strong now.   Yes - everything requires breakin
The Duelund 16 gauge is just wonderful as well as the 20 gauge. I like the meat on the bones texture of the 16 gauge a little.  Much better sounding, much better, than the Mogami. I make and sell cables and have used both.  The Duelund stranded copper in cotton is just unbeatable at its price point.  
I agree with Grannyring.  I have a couple sets of Dueland/Switchcraft IC's and while they aren't the equal of either my Cerious Technology Graphene Express or Triode Wire IC's, they are quite close... at a fraction of the cost of the latter IC's.  I use vintage WE wire in my bedroom system and it sounds lush and lovely.  Dueland wire is essentially the modern version of the vintage WE wire.  Check out Jeff Days' blog for all you need to know about Dueland wire and how it might work in your system.  Cheap and cheerful, that's the way I roll...
If you use better connectors like Eichman or Cardas and the 16 ga wire, then the Duelund can sounds spectacular. Also, how they are built helps. Proper striping of the stranded wire can be tricky to avoid nicks and such. Proper cleaning off the oil residue on the wire is important. Also, not using too much solder is key.
If you are into Good quality fdelity for one switcraft is junk,Period.
even brass  which many are used gold plated is far from ideal.
a high quality 4-9s plus Silver or 5-9s or better Berylliym Copper 
plated normally far more accurate and musical . Mogami is very good cable for Guitar amps I use it myself but for musicality
itis not a great interconnect ,the Duelund Wire is rich and full body 
not the last word in upper Detail but still much more natural then Mogami in my opinion and experience with both. with a decent quality rca ,or Xlr connectors .the connectors cost more then the wire in most cases 
VH audio for example have recipes as well as DIY audio 
to build your own cables. Currently I am reverse engineering those 
Synergistic Research Carbon Xover purifiers they sell,which FYI
they don’t use anything’s in their makeup what I would even call good Quality IMO.I use the best of the best and take into account your speakers impedance which is a must .they just throw in a  average in resistor size.It either works good,or slightly
it works or it dont . So far my tests show  noticeably better ,but not the eye candy mystery  shell like Synergistic. Just to point out in any type of cable no weak links in the chain if you want the best results.

Heresy alert: depends on your electromagnetic environment.

If you get good cel phone reception, or there are radio or TV transmitters nearby, chances are that you have a lot of electromagnetic radiation in your environment. Some cables may act as antennas to pick this up.

This interference can be attenuated by a woven shield, by the tight winding of the individual wires, or the configuration of more than two wires. Penalty for this is higher capacitance, which can reduce the high frequency audio signal. For short runs of 6 meters or less, this penalty is insignificant; indeed, for many systems it is preferable in that it reduces high frequency glare.

I did not try to reinvent the wheel. I use shielded, 4 conductor microphone cable in a star-quad configuration: Mogami 2534 or Canare L-4E6S, terminated with ETI plugs. Very cheap and very effective.