Speakers--Epos? Spendor? ATC? What?


I'd appreciate your thoughts on speaker choice. I think they're the hardest to select because they show the most difference on a quick dem, and because they interact with the room more than other pieces of a system. I'll be moving shortly and the room the system will be in will be fairly large--20'x17' or so, with a concrete floor and the speakers along an exterior wall.

System is currently a CDX, LP12/Geddon/Ittok/Troika, Kairn, 250, and SBLs. I've also got a beat up pair of Linn Nexus. I'd like to find something that retains most of the strength of the SBLs while also adding others, like spatial separation and tonal color. As you'd imagine, something with good bass definition is a must, as is tune playing ability. They also need to be available, and be supported, in the US. Music is varied.

So far the speakers that would seem to fit are used Epos ES14s, Spendors (1/2, 2/3, and maybe the 3/1--not sure if it goes low enough), and ProAc Response 2. Budget is limited to around $1200 USD or so, which is around 700 UKP (I think).

Comments on the speakers I've listed welcomed--as are suggestions for others (ATC 12?, etc.)

As you can probably tell, I'm a pretty committed "Flat Earther" who values tunefulness etc. above imaging/staging/etc. So more typical "round earth" speakers probably won't work.


ATC 12s. I've owned or listened to all of your possibles ( and you've picked some great ones), but the ATCs are the best coventional box speaker I've ever heard period. They are quick, musical, dynamic and very open. Down side is that they are critical to the front end and inefficient but it seems you have that part down.
Given yr (quick) preferences & spkr brands mentioned, either Proac or ATC seem indicated. I would prefer the ATC mid/upper-midrange to the Proac, and maybe the Proac's tweeter range to the ATC....

{BTW, imaging, staging etc, are good with either brand}

In the lower register, I would prefer the ATC again by a small margin -- but I'm talking about bigger models (50/100)

There are at least TWo downsides. Inefficiency, as Celtic notes, and price (high). OTOH, you might consider an ATC kit ... wilmslow audio used to sell these
I agree with Celtic the ATC 12’s Are one of the best I’ve heard period and I’m in New York and get to hear lots of stuff in stores and homes.

The ATC’s are very heavy and deserve the best stands, also if you get a used pair and the owner tells you they have only 50, 60 hour etc… then they will need more time to sound their best ( 300 hours + - )

I think these are a bargain even at their new price. I’m a Proac fan but when I hear ATC I just fell I’m hearing more off the recording and must explain why my favorite Proac’s are the ones with the ATC midrange.
I think the ATC 12's are a bargin at $1650,great bass,fast transparent midrange, sweet highs.
There's a couple of Neat Mystiques available on audiogon right now. Excellent synergy with Naim gear and very flat earth.

Naim/Neat fan