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Thanks to Paul McGowan
 Emil , no Iam not joking it did happen. I'm not questioning that it happened. Just shocked that you associated that incident to Mr  McGowan being racist.   Mr McGowan deserves an apology here and now. And remove that ridiculous post of yours... 
Thanks to Paul McGowan
I accidentally cross the path 5ft in front of the speakers? Man Paul gave me a look that is enough for me to think ? He is a racist . You're joking, right?  
I hear teddy Pardo makes a nice one      
Fritz Carrera or other possibilities!
Never heard them but something i would consider    
Where should I go from here with my digital front end?
So Wednesday my Amazon delivery arrived. I unpacked the two FMCs, fiber cable, LPS with its two extension cords. Connections were made easily except that the extension cords that amazon bundles with the LPS did not fit the input jacks in the FMC. ... 
Does anyone know the detailed specs of the new Belles Virtuoso?
I would contact John Rutan at Audio Connection in NJ. I bought my Aria Sig from him. Great guy to deal with.  
Where should I go from here with my digital front end?
Thanks everyone for responding. I've decided to try the fiber converter route with power supply from Amazon totaling  $163 all in. No brainer in not giving it a shot especially with amazon's easy return policy. Should have it by Wednesday. I'll ... 
Does anyone know the detailed specs of the new Belles Virtuoso?
Where should I go from here with my digital front end?
Thank you all for your input. So the rest of my system compromises of: Audio Mirror Tubadour 3, Belles Aria Signature Integrated, Audio Physic Tempo Plus. All power cables by Triode Wire labs. Digital and IC are Wywires Platinum. Silversmith Audio... 
Lumin U2 Mini
My U2 Mini arrived 2 days ago and I'm having no issues with the Lumin app on Android. I believe that they did have issues when first released which pretty much kept me away. No desire to to purchase an Apple product just for the streamer. Happy ... 
The Music Room
@kamoss1    You're paying for their shipping cost to send it to you I believe. So you're paying shipping both ways if you do return an item  
Chris Sommovigo has passed away
@allenf1963  Listen to Allen You young guys get a term policy when you are young and healthy for as long a period as you can. Wouldn't be surprised you can a million dollar policy for less than 20 buck a month @milo0812  https://www.gofundm... 
So what ever happened to Kinki Studio???
@jackd  Thanks. Good to know  
So what ever happened to Kinki Studio???
Anyone in the US doing repairs/warranty work? I'm going on 8 weeks waiting to have my US made amp repaired under warranty.   
Well I joined the Silversmith FIDELIUM Speaker cable club today
After reading about Deludedaudiphile's post on the cables resistance-not quite sure I understand fully  what that means- got me thinking so here's my story. I purchased a pair to go with my Linear Tube Audio 10watt amp feeding a pair of Cornwalls...