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Hello, New guy here and a novice at that. I recently returned to vinyl and am a kid again, just loving it. Broke my cherry with a impulsive purchase of B&W CM5 full surround with center and a Martin Logan sub. It's truly fine for my movie watching experiences and can remain with it. It's not fine for my vinyl spinning. So I've decided to create a separate system strictly for my vinyl and perhaps future streaming ( as I understand it's improving all the time ) I recently visited Pro-Musica in Chicago and those dudes are informed ( I know coming from me that's not saying much ) Listened to a smaller pair of Proac and they were lovely but when I pointed to a tower that wasn't set up he responded that they were his favorite all time speakers ( he's big into classical ) They did blow me away in a clean beautiful way, the clarity was superb. However he was also promoting a "Naim Audio" streaming device & amp in one called "Unity Star "
 Any suggestions from those out there who know and may help me get it right the first time? I won't have the funds to correct any expensive errors. My music room is a space I built over my garage, it's 20x24 with a high pitched roof/ceiling ( about 13-14 feet at the top, think chalet )
 Will the DR 30's be sufficient ( or should I save more money and wait to upgrade up from there? Does the Naim Audio piece I mentioned fall short in properly driving the DR30's or perhaps the next speaker up? ( I do like the streaming capabilities as well as the phono input and a USB input for an extensive enhanced digital library I intend on pulling from as well ) Plus I believe an additional input.
Thank you in advance for your opinions on how best to spend my money. ( BTW, I sold my beloved Triumph TR6 ( if anyone knows what that is ) for other reasons but mainly to bring beautiful music into my new garage room. Also, should I consider used and if so how do I know it's not used and perhaps abused?  Thanks a ton.  
So I’ll start off by saying I had a 1969 MGC GT back in the mid eighties, if you know what that is :-) My close friend owned a TR6 at the same time. I loved those cars.
As far as this all in one Naim Unity Star 70watts per channel my not be enough steam to drive those speakers in a 20x24 room. The simple one box solution is enticing, not having to invest much in cables is nice, but your really limited to how this Naim sounds and the power it produces. I like options and if it were me, I would invest in some separates like a fine powerful (200watt+) integrated amp and a high quality DAC and last but not (if were talking digital) least a Aurender music streamer/server.

Matt M
Check out this thread, if you haven't already.

 Hopefully others who have lived with Proac will help you. Very nice speakers, which for some reason, are overlooked these days.

Good Luck!

Thanks Matt, Will look for reviews on amp,DAC's and the streamer you mentioned. 
Thanks acman, I will check out that thread, if it's still active I may just copy and paste the same questions.