Speaker upgrade?????

I currently have a pair of Vandersteen 2c. I have upgraded my system to a BAT VK60 Amplifier (60 watt) triode. My preamp. is a Sonic Frontier Line 2 . I have a rega p3 with a clearaudio cart. and a Audio research PH3 phono preamp. I bought a OPERA Conosance 2.2 cd player. I have all MIT S3 rca's and speaker wires.

The system sounds great. I wonder what I should do speaker wise . Considering I have a 2,000.00 Budget for speakers. I like the Vandersteen 3a signatures but wondered what would be some other good choices.

Any imput would be helpful.

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3Asigs would be a bit over $2000, but a great choice. But might want a bit more power than the VK-60 will provide, unless you add a 2WQ sub, which would reduce the power requirements.
Coincident Tech/high efficiency.
Coincident, Paradigm Refs, Monitor Audio silvers....Totems, Qauds, or Mission too.

Even one's listed above, and not listed, will act differently than stated on their spec sheets. So ????

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Get a new pair of 2Ce Signatures and you'll be very happy. It's big upgrade from your older models.
I switched about a year ago to a pair of Tannoy Saturn 10s. You just cannot beat them for the money on coherence. The Vandersteen 2Cs are nice. I owned mine for 17 years but, I cannot ever see myself going back. The Tannoys are much more dynamic, about 3db more sensitive and are just plain kick-ass speakers. Look around Ebay and Audiogon. Be patient
and you will not be disappointed. Try to find a dealer near you and listen to the current models to get an idea. The Saturn series has been out of production for a couple of years.
Vandy 2 (current edition) has been the default choice in this price range forever - and with good reason. However, if you can find a pair to audition, the Emininent Technology hybrid planars are a good alternative - Maggies and other planars at this price might prove bass shy after your V2. You may or may not prefer them, but this is a different set of strengths at the price point and one of the few alternatives that offer high quality sound over nearly full bandwidth at less than $2K.
The Vandersteen 2Ce signatures I purchased a month ago have brought more happiness into my music listening experience than any other upgrade I've ever made in the past. They are truly the best speaker value for the money. Ionly wish I had happened upon Vandersteen long ago. Oh well it's never too late.