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What Is Best Monoblocks For Around $10,000 Used?
Brystons, Bel Cantos mono'd, VTL MB450 Sigs, M-F or BAT.....Not a big Krell fan, but nice stuff. ex krell owner.Bel Canto Evo2 mono'd owner, love em. So does my electric bill.!!! 
Speaker upgrade?????
Coincident, Paradigm Refs, Monitor Audio silvers....Totems, Qauds, or Mission too.Even one's listed above, and not listed, will act differently than stated on their spec sheets. So ????Happy Holidays 
VTL, CTC, Lamm, ARC, EAR, Halcro, Mark Levison
I would suggest giving BAT Vk31se and above, Musical Fidelity kW, McIntosh C2200, Aesthetix, Atmasphere, Pass Labs, or ?? Any of these should fill the ticket "nicely". VTL 7.5 would be nice also.What a fun position to be in. Happy Holidays 
Upgrading - Pls Suggest Speakers to Review
Tough call - you have tried some of the best. Maybe give Talon Firebirds', Legacy Audio Helix - whisper - or focus 20/20, Rockport's. Pipedream speaks by Nearfield Acoustics or Wisdom Audio may have something that will work for you. How about the ... 
Best budget bookshelf speakers for 3-600 dollars.
If you are able: give Mission, Quad 12L, Monitor Audio silver series (older silver i or newer s), or Paradigm a try. You should be very happy with any of the above if it fits sonically into your system. IMHO check out the new Absolute Sound issue,... 
BEST match for B&W Natilus 802s
The best I have heard with the 802N series is VTL MB-450's. But I have heard them with Classe Mono's and sounded great also. A lot can be done with a tube or SS preamp. Try bel Canto amps monoblocked with a quality tube PRE. You may be happy with ... 
I want profoundly better bass
Coincident Tech. Total EclipseLegacy Audio Focus 20/20Vienna Acoustics MahlersTalon Raven C???Used Legacy Whispers or Verity Audio Parsifal Encores...You will have what you are looking for with these. And no sub !These are my own finalists. Actual... 
What's the better, High Powered SS Amp?
Forgot about BAT vk's and M-F kw series. worth a try. 
What's the better, High Powered SS Amp?
Levinson, McIntosh, Moon?, Bel Canto's monoblocked, Classe mono's, Theta?, Bryston 14sst, Jeff Rowland?, Edge?, Halcro's !!Krell and Pass can be revealing and/or "cold". Use caution.Halcro's could be the ticket, but $$ and pretty neutral.As always... 
Good Integrated for Totem Forests? Pathos?BAT?
On the right path......BAT would be great, M-F tough to beat also, How about Mcintosh?? Krell will be fast and revealing. Plinius has had good reviews but I have not auditioned. Nor the Moon.My 3 to audition = BAT, Mcintosh, M-F. you can't lose !!! 
best CD player or DAC under $1000
Don't let the $$$ influence your thoughts on the quality of sound. Try comparing VTL to WAVAC. I think you would like VTL better. For the sound and the $$$$.Beyond that a used/new BEL CANTO dac would be excellent. Or if you are lucky to find a Mus... 
Which Used CD Player for Under $1,500?
SACD option would be great to Marantz 8260, 8400, or newer would get you into that arena.CD only.........Meridian 508-24 or Audio Research CD2 for sure. running close third would be the FMJ23t or 33.Musical Fidelity def. has a h... 
Best CD player for under $6000 used?
Do you have access to an Oracle, BOW, or M-F Trivista, Meridian, used Linn or BAT as listed above. How about the Krell SACD for 4k.I think the Wadia is killer though..... But would go after the Trivista or Krell or even the new Marantz ... 
What is the best tube integrated amp?
Probably too late, but i would say BAT vk-300x, McIntosh, or Musical-Fidelity Trivista series. Not sure if Aesthetix makes an (I) or not. VTL is also a good idea. 
Tube Preamp for Dreadnaught & Aerials
Try a Musical-Fidelity unit, used BAT , VTL, Pass, Rogue Magnum 99, Meridian 502? , McIntosh, Audition if you can. Almost a must, but what a system you'll have.