Speaker placement tool??

I've seen on a web site (too bad I can't remember where) a special trolley made possibly for Watt/Puppy's where you place the speaker on top of it, raise it a little so the speaker is elevated off its feet and speaker and trolley can be moved around on trolleys small wheels. Once the perfect placement is achieved you lower the trolley and take it away from underneath the speaker.

Did you see something like that? If so where was it?
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You don't say!
If you have carpeted floors, try checking Home Depot or Lowe's for some furniture movers called EZ Moves. They are supposed make heavy item slide very easy on carpet. They generally run about $10 for a set of 4, there are sets of 12 on Ebay. I gonna get some to try out, my speakers are about 100lbs. each and a real pain to move, just a suggestion.
Two sheets of slick/finished cardboard and a helper to steady the tops of the speakers (when they are dragged) should do it. Cardboard works with most any floor surface and I have moved objects in excess of 1000 lbs in this manner.
Yeah, the EZ movers from HD are the way to go for sliding speakers
If you go to www.goodwinshighend.com, and click on what's new, you will see exactly what you are asking for.
They are offering a custom made trolley for speakers that have a spike/wheel system.
Good Luck
The best tool for speaker positioning are The Ears,a GREAT product that makes VAST improvements in final placement of your speakers.