Speaker comparisons

I own a pair of Proac Response2 speakers ( with new drivers) .
Love the sound ...although interested in how these compare to various Dynaudio standmounts...
05-24-13: Zd542
Keep what you have.

I agree.

Just curious. What is the rest of your system and why the interest in Dynaudio?

I moved from Proac Response 2 to Response 2.5. The main change was added bass impact. I listened to a number of speakers before deciding to upgrade in the Proac Response series.

They make great music!
I attended a HiFi Show and heard the Dynaudio C1 and was floored ...

My system :

Rega Saturn CDP
Modwright SWL 9.0 pre
Mccormack DNA .5 Silver Edition amp.
I have owned both the Response 2.5 and C1. What floored you about the C1 that you aren't getting from the ProAcs?
Keep in mind you heard the C1's as part of a system. The speakers were only a part of that system. Its easy to forget that sometimes; especially when you really like the sound.
I suspect the differences you heard probably have more to do with the rooms than the speakers.
How big is your room and how are your speakers positioned?

What type of stands are you using with the Response 2?

What equipment was used to demonstrate the Dynaudio C-1, and how large was the room?

Room is 12 x 22..

speakers on short wall. 1 ft from back and side walls. placed straight into the room. seating at 8 feet from speakers .

Target MR24 stands ( 4 poster ) filled with sand....

The C1's were in a room size approx 25 x 25 ft. don't remember the equipment used at the show room.

If the C1 room is a square room, it will have stronger standing wave reinforcement at certain bass frequencies which may explain the impressive bass you had heard. Also its first reflection point from the sidewall will be much further away giving a weaker reflection and a longer time delay which can contribute to a better soundstage.

Without actually being there it is impossible to know for sure but the bottom line is this: Unless you are doing near field listening, it is very difficult if not impossible to draw any meaningful conclusion from comparing two different speakers in two different rooms.
I have a 12 x 17 room with Response 2.5. I used to have the Response 2 in the same room. The speakers are 4 feet from the wall behind them and two feet from the side walls. I sit about 8 feet from the speakers.

I think may be able to improve your imaging by moving the speakers out further into the room and further from the side walls assuming that is possible. I would also try adjusting toe in and adjusting your seat height to see if the matters.
I too like Proacs - perhaps it was the elctronics that added to the bass and the impressive presentation.

I think Dyns have this lively sound that's impressive, but proacs are nice speakers as well...

If you really want bass, you can always add a nice sub.
I have had Proac response 2.5 for many happy years in my system (Rowland integrated, Cary CD player), but decided to try Dynaudio C1 signature approx 6 months ago.

While the Proac's are wonderful, I get a much more detailed, alive presentation with the C1. The soundstage, and overall dynamics are superior to the Proac. Frankly there was some adjustment involved in reaching ths conclusion. They are both teriffic speakers, but I have not put the Proac's back since making the change.

By the same token, I have not been able to part with the Proac even though they now sit in a closet.
Yashu, thanks for the information. I may go audition a pair of C-1 based on your comments. Could you give me some information on your listening room and associated equipment?

Jeff Rowland Concentra integrated amp.
Cary 303t cd. Just replaced Arcam FMJCD23
Dyn c1 signature.

12 x 18. Speakers on long wall. Three feet from rear wall. 5 to 6 feet from side walls. Speakers approx 8 feet apart and I sit 8 feet away.

The sound of the system is truly wonderful. The Dyn's just went in the identical location of the 2.5, and have no need to change anything. I was quite happy with the Proac's, but this really did bring it to the next level.