Speaker Choices

I have between 2k and 3k to spend on used speakers. In consideration are Vandy 3A or Nola Viper 2A. Any thoughts on how these 2 compare? Is one significantly better than the other? I know the vandy is pretty old by todays standard.
I would look in to the B&W 804s they are nice speakers with the righ amp and they are in your price range.
I think you would really like the 2A's very nice sound full sound stage big image very life like....
I would stear towards the Vanderstein 3A or even a Vonshweikert VR33. These are both relatively wall placement friendly and very musical. These also don't require gobbs of power to run amplifier wise. Really depends on your room and placement vs furniture etc that will make a difference as well.
In that price range you might want to check out
the Emerald Physics CS-3's.
What are you going to be driving the speakers with?
If you're ordering Von Schweikert, don't pay in advance.

Larry Staples
Former President Emeritus Von Schweikert Audio
Gotta bad taste in your mouth Larry?
I for one really appreciate warnings regarding business conduct. Way too few people have the courage to state their opinions and experiences with people and organizations. I for one feel like I can discern the difference between someone who speaks from [a bad] experience or is just speaking from unfounded ill will.

I appreciate it when someone says "the bridge is out ahead". It is shameful and cowardly to not speak out. Thanks Larry.
With regard to Albert Von Schweikert, I have a $30,000.00 'bad taste' in my mouth.

If he takes exception to this statement, he can disagree, then I'll pull out receipts of a deposit...from many years ago.

Caveat Emptor...also, watch out for crooks masquerading as Audio Designers.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox: " To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men." ...

Audiogon probably won't put on the site the last comment in response to Westborn...who, by the way, I thank for his words.

Absolutely agree with Westborn post;I think we all work to hard for are $$$ and have a bad deal happen;I will always listen to good advice.
As long you don't purchase this fraudulent person posting all over audiogon name Dakiom modified Sony that is a small cheap $60 speaker pair in 2004 turned into a $1495 speaker bunch of sticks and a black box or stabilizer in the crossover, claiming garbage like that is superior to ANY speaker including transmission audio's $2 million system and shape audio's $6million speaker. I thought Bose controversy was bad. This so called dr. Dao is delusional ranting garbage in audiogon. Buy what sounds good to you not what someone writes or says!
I answered you, but the answer was not allowed by the 'Gon...Gods.

Small matter of a stolen $30,000 Deposit to him.

Not a debate, just a fact.
Anyone who wants to dispute...I have records...
Hope this one makes it.
Caveat Emptor.
Wow Larry, that's grand theft. Have you informed the authorities?