Speaker Cable to Replace Zu Cable Wax

Hi All,

A purchase of new speakers means I must replace my Zu Cable Wax Biwire speaker cables to a single-wire cable. If possible I would also like to 'upgrade' at the same time. I would like to know what you suggest I look at. The charachteristics I seek are detail, accuracy, with a touch of warmth (nothing over anayltical or bright).

I was thinking about the following:
- Cardas Neutral Reference
- Kimber Monocle XL
- Zu Cable Libtec
- Analysis Plus Solo 8

Anyone had experience with these, and perhaps compared them to the Zu Cable Wax? Anything else you suggest I add to the audition list? Budget is around $500-$700, used or new, 6-8ft single wire. It is purely for a hi-end audio system, no HT.

In the price range of $500-700 I have also thought about Cardas Golden Cross, Kimber KS-3033 and Nordost Red Dawn II.


I replaced my Bi-Wire Zu Wax with Bi-Wire DH Labs Q10 and couldn't be happier. As always system synergy plays a huge role in how things turn out but I would strongly advise trying out the DH Labs stuff. Best, Jeff
Hi There,

Will take that into consideration. Only problem is I do not think DH-Labs is available here in SA so no chance of auditioning. Will do some reasearch and find out though.

I am quite surprised - I thought that the Wax would outperform such a relatively inexpensive cable as the DH Labs.

In my system, the inexpensive Signal Cable copper speaker cable outperformed both the Wax and the Q-10. The music was far more engaging with the Signal Cable than with either of the other two, both of which made the music sound sluggish and veiled by comparison. My wife and two other listeners present during our A/B tests were also of the same opinion. We are currenly using Analysis Plus Silver Oval cables, and they are excellent. As always, YMMV.
I had the Zu Wax,DH Labs Q-10 and the River Cable Flexy 6 out-performed them both( at least to my ears). I tend to go for the more natural and realistic sound. Good luck in your search.
Hi Guys,

Has anyone had experience with the Analysis Plus cables? I am perhaps considering going AP throughout using the Solo Crystal interconnects and Solo 8 speaker cables.

I had the Solo Crystal 8 cables for about 3 weeks. After about 150 or so hours I gave up on them. The midrange was lacking, sort of thin with a glare on vocals. I ended up with the Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature speaker cables. Much better.

I can also attest that I moved from Zu Wax to Ibis and then onto Luminous Audio as well. Tim builds a great cable...
We have a SET amp/horn system. Did not care for the AP Solo Crystal IC's. Liked the AU24's better. Still, we find silver to be the best. Verastarr now makes a copper cable that outshined both the AP or AU24 in every way possible: better clarity, authority, transparency, you name it. The other two cables made the music sound distant in our system. With the Verastarr's, the music was as emotional and engaging as we've ever heard.
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