Speaker cable for my Revel F 30 & MF Nu-Vista M3?

Hey Guys!

I need your advice to solve my problem. I just can't find the right cable for my system. Revel Performance F30 connected to the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista M 3 amplifier. I'm looking for the right speaker cable, but I don't have the time to play all day long, so I could use some help from you guys. Thanks for your help, Tibor:-)!!!
I have the M3 but use different speakers, mainly Spendor. I use Cardas Golden Reference also used it with other amps and preamps and worked well with all.
I have Revel 50as and use Cardas GRCs also,I really like them
I don't see any speaker cable upgrades for me in the forseeable future.Quite satisfied.All my interconnects are GRCs also.
Thanks Guys!
I'm going to try Cardas in my system.
I have another question. Short cable(2 meters) is better then a long one(4 meters)? Is it true?
The choice between long interconnects and short speaker wires and vice versa has been debated endlessly, if that is what you refer to. I am on the side of long interconnects, but the other works too. If you mean" do you keep them as short as possible" then the consensus is yes. There are a few who think that there is a minimum or perhaps a "magic" length but they have not made a convincing case to most.
Short interconnects (were talkin 2.2 vrms average signal..very delicate and easy to screw up and dumb down). Speaker cables should be about 8ft minimum and within reason lenghtwise..maybe 12 to 15ft max. Personal experience is the best guide post but most industry professionals recognize this as the "Ideal" situation:O) No more or less than what is required would be the general rule IMHO