Speaker Cable for Interconnect

I have some left over short runs of Kimber 4TC and Nordost Flatline speaker cables that I would like to make IC out of them. Jon Risch DIY recommend Belden 89259 coax for both DIY speaker and IC so I figure why can't I use what I have. Any suggestion or consideration on sound quality and what to watch out for before I start?

There is no reason it should not work. Let us know what the results are good or bad. Have you ever seen the Nordost Magic interconnects? The cables looks just like the Flatline speaker cable. If they are not the same, they are very close.
The Kimber PBJ is the same basic seperate conductors as the 4TC,$TC just has more of them and perhaps slightly larger gauge. You will just have to be careful with which conductors you select as you drain wires since you don't have three different colors of conductor to make it as obvious. You can then name them yourself. Perhaps a term evryone agrees on what it means like PBJ "shotgun"! They should sound alot like the Kimber PBJ.
Sugarbrie is correct about Nordost Magic -- it is the same
cable as Nordost flatline. I own both, and have read
press releases from around 1996 when this cable came to
market. So, yes - you can!
Thanks for the responses. Then we all should be able to make cheap IC out of bulk speaker cables for a lot less than buying already-made ICs.

BTW, from the picture of Kimber PBJ, what is the 3rd run used for if 2 runs are for "hot" and "ground"? I trying to mimic Jon Risch's DIY unbalanced connection using coax which only requires 2 separate conductors for each single IC.
The third conductor in PBJ is a drain(sort of a shield wire) wire which is connected only at the source end to the "ground" side or the RCA. I hope someone will correct me if this is wrong.
I think that the PBJ's use double grounds and one hot. From what i can recall, the grounds are connected at both ends, so there is no "drain wire" in this design. I have some on my burner, so i'll take a look tomorrow and correct this if it's wrong. Sean
I was not sure and Sean may be correct, the only pair of PBJ I have around are in a system I put together for my Wife and have a stupid DIN plug on one end to hook up a "normal RCA" CD player to an old Naim Nate.(NAD cd,Nate,Rogers Ls35a)I don't want to fiddle around in that DIN to see what is going on.Off the subject, this little "Britt" system is alot of fun! Tally ho!
YBA uses the diamond cables to create their interconnects, power cables and speaker cables...

I'm sure you you could do this with other cables...
The Nordost will be clean, open and musical, but a little thin. You can fix that if you run them shot gun. They are not that easy to work with. You need a sharp razor blade, a good cutting board and patience. The Kimber may be better. Get some good RCA's and solder away. I used Nordost for years then went over to Supra from Sweden for speakers and ICs. Call if you want some advice, I have been making wires for 15 years.