Speaker Bi-Wire...which frequency does it benefit?

With an upcoming purchase of new Speaker Cable, I am considering going the Bi-Wire route.

Curious, when choosing a Bi-wire configuration...does it benefit more of the "Upper Frequencies (treble)" or Lower Frequencies (bass).

As a novice to putting together a good hi-fi system, I am looking to learn as much as possible...which will enable me to make smart purchase decisions.

In my system everything benefitted from going to bi wire. I definitely am getting better LF response and much better back to front transparency. I heard a bigger difference going from single run to bi wire than I did from any cable change that I ever made in the past. I would highly recommend that you go for the bi wire unless doing so will break the bank!!

Usually the highs especially if the HF conductors are smaller.
Neither. But, then again, neither suffers.

depends on the speakers and the cables.
what kind are they?
some speakers will benefit and for some it won't make a difference, but again depends on what kind of speaker cable are we talking about. Shotgun or internally bi-wired?