Spatial Coherence

Does anyone here, beside me, own a Spatial Cohernece Preamplifier?

Just curious,

Are you kidding? This is old stuff and most here are young dudes.. Nice preamp when I heard it back in the day at Andrew Singers place.
Yeah, I still have mine, I never sold it. I do have other preamps I use. Still, the old Spatial does have coherence which the new tube stuff only hints at.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have always wondered where the old high end gear goes? Do people really throw it in the trash?
Try contacting Ray Kimber at Kimber Kable. He bought one off of eBay a few years ago (he outbid me).

Want to know what Richard Knapp (the designer) is doing now? Try this link:
I have an ultra modified MacMod Spatial Preamp that I had to have a custom power supply built for.I switch between using only the phono stage(which is ultra quiet) to a tube
line stage(tube rolling habit) or just running its line stage to the power amp which offers beautiful imaging tho
the tone seems a tad drier.Interesting trade offs for keeping things varietal.
The mods have left me with only dual volume controls and
switches for source and tape monitor.The circutry is now
ultra simple save for what might be hidden in those epoxy
resin blocks.
Try this some time:Turn your power amp off,crank up the preamp gains(loud source material optimum) and listen with
your ear close to the top of the unit.It's similar to the sound of a needle/cartridge tracing an LP, tho kind of clicky.

Evan h4v

P.S. Sal Calaio Lives!
Thanks Evan, I forgot about this post until tonight. I will check out the vibes and see where they are coming from. it will be on the M/B somewhere, the valves are epoxied and completely microphonic proof.

I've just acquired the Phoenix modified by Steve McCormack "Mod Squad".It's coming in Moday,It has a separate power supply.Looks kinda beat,but hopefully some cleaning would help.It looks like there may have been an issue in the power supply box...hopefully it's fixable!
We just serviced one of these and I spent quite a bit of time talking to the new owner and Steve McCormack. It was quite a project but the results were excellent. You can read the article we wrote here:

If you want a copy of the original article please send me your email. Steve McCormack spent a lot of time explaining the amplifier and the upgrades. There are lots of pictures. Some of the changes included new grounding configurations, capacitors, and gain settings. The results were amazing.

Best Regards,
Stephen Pappin
Clifton Audio
Thanks for the wonderful restoration on my Phoenix Steve!
The cosmetics are perfect and the old girl can sing!Amazing clarity and really opened up the mids and highs.I've a very unacoustical listening area but this unit fills the area with perfect balance of base mids and highs. I'm still getting used to hearing guitarists fingers sliding down strings and frets, chairs scraping in the studio...just a silly quiet unit.
Anybody with a Spacial Coherance Pre I would seriously recommend these mods by these fine gentleman!(no affiliation)
Thanks Again!
Thanks Tony! I'm very pleased to hear that you are enjoying your restored and improved Phoenix preamp. It was a fun project to get involved with and really took me down memory lane. The TFET-Valve modules have proven to be remarkably reliable and are still working today without any apparent loss of performance some 35+ years after they were made. Rebuilding the rest of the preamp to a more modern standard reveals a unit that still holds its own with some of the best of today's equipment. Kudos to Steve Pappin of Clifton Audio for his excellent restoration work.

Congratulations on finding and restoring a fine piece of gear. Have fun and enjoy your music!

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
Yes, I had a Spacial Coherance Pre 1. I well remember that it took a long time to settledown that motivated Steve to keep it charged on an auto battery for its trip to the show. I don't remember where I went after it or why.

I am writing from Sweden.

I have a Spatial Coherance Preamp.

It is not many of thease in Sweden and I know not much about it.

I have not used it for a long time but when I tried it the treble was not good att one chanel.

Can that happen when I shut it down and upp everytime I use the preamp?

I did not know that I was suppose to keep the preamp powered on always.

I hope for answer so I can use the preamp again with my Adyton poweramplifier. The sound with these setup was wery powerfull and good.

From Sweden
Snejder, as I recall this preamp took a long time to settle down once turned off. I would leave it on, except in thunder storms.
I had one....nice to be reminded of it. Not sure if I moved on or from a DB preamp in those years.
Stringreen, if I recall correctly, I went the other direction.
I have the modified Spacial Phoenix on a Pure/AV Power Conditioner. I've lost power 4 times in the last few months since I acquired the unit. Each time the Cable box returned to power on automatically, but the Audio equipment stayed off the grid till I returned home and powered up manually.
Very nice since the S.O. works Part Time and needs her Soaps!Only problem is I must wait an hour before I can listen.