Spatial Audio M3 Triode Master vs Paul Hales Revelation 3

I have a pair of Paul Hales Revelation 3 speakers that sound fantastic and are in like new condition but I am intrigued by Spatial Audio and their unique approach to speaker design. Also, really like the M3 Triode Master style/looks. Not having ever heard an open baffle speaker, I'm hesitant to take the plunge and afraid they will not sound as good as my Paul Hales. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Clayton has an extended trial period you just pick up the shipping. I love mine but they don't have much if anything in common with a box speaker. Whether or not you like them only you would know after listening.
I listen to Spatial M3 at audio show and they sound amasing !  But the look of the rear speaker may be an issue, depending of your room placement.