Soundstaging test tracks: Height

"Im not in Love", 10 cc, Original Soundstracks, orig vinyl lp-this is great for testing soundstage height...which is the holy grail of the listening experience...the opening lush arrangements should create an expansive, floor to ceiling dimension, with good lateral dispersion as well...there is also a break down in the middle of the song that duplicates these test notes for my system" "Clean,fast, and very open." What are others using(speaker wise) to achieve these results?
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You can download this test, to check your system's performance, in that regard: ( The 'Listening Evironment Diagnostic Recording' is also included on this Chesky CD: (
The Moody Blues' Higher and Higher and I want to Take You Higher by Sly and the Family Stone.
Hey, what's with the "Bonger Test" on the Chesky CD? Who knew they were stoners? Cool....

BTW, thanks for the links! I'm looking forward to finding out if I have any problems with my system's imaging, etc....

LOL! It's unusual to have a lung capacity test, on an audio demo disc, but- there you have it. Leave it to David Chesky, to be comprehensive.
"Summer's Cauldron" by XTC on their "Skylarking" album. Synthesized bird tweets come from way above the right speaker. Also, the opening bars of the title track of Sade's "Soldier of Love" CD. There is a piano figure that comes up to the ceiling!
Great Responses...Air "Premier Symptomes" intro track 1 has some great percussion(shakers ?) that fall from the sky...also EWG "Frankenstein"...famous instrumental track with awesome 70s synth breakdown in the middle...huge out of box imaging/soundstage if your speakers are up to it...keep em coming
Phasecorrect: What a fun thread! I'll try to think of some others.