Sound of Morch DP-6

The DP-6 is internally silver wired. Does the arm have the steroetipicl bright silver wire sound?
Mine has never been bright over the last three years. It is used on an upgraded VPI HW-19 Mark IV with a Koetsu Rosewood.

Dear Tubey: First, that "steroetipicl bright silver wire sound" is a missunderstood, when this happen is beacuse the cable has a bad design or it is the inherent quality
sound of any of the severals stages in the audio chain system. It is not for the " silver ", per se.
Now, the DP6 is an exelent tonearm and I agree with Dobjim
there is no bright sound.
Regards and enjoy the music.
i have had three moerch arms so far (I had one on sale recently but took it off). I have never felt the sound is bright. I can not stand bright sound.

i think (hope) you will be happy with it.

all the best..mehran