What cartridge will work for a Morch UP4 Tonearm?

I'm obtaining a VPI MK3 Table with a Morch Toenarm UP-4.
My preamp is the old CJ PV-5 with 40db gain,28.5 High level,
phono overload 500mv at 1k.Phono input 72db below 10mv input
output impeadance 200 ohms.The preamp owners manual states the input impeadance is 47k shunted by 100 picofarads.
I was thinking of a high output Grado.Any suggestions?
The rest of the system is ARC VT-60 Amp,Martin Logan Quest Z Speakers,and special made cryro interconnects.
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Sumiko Blackbird.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Which armwand does the UP-4 have? That will significantly impact cartridge compatibility.

Your phono stage is designed for MM cartridges and certain MC/MI types with outputs of about 3.0mv and above. HO Grado's are one choice but there are others, depending on the armwand and your sonic preferences.
I used to own the silver wired UP-4 on a VPI jr with MK3 platter and other bits. Used a Van Den Hul MM-2 with the lightest arm wand. Worked pretty good.