Sound Anchor Component Stand

Anyone have experience with SA as a component stand? Saw one today it looked good and functionally interesting. Seems interesting there are no shelves but 2 steel movable strips to hold the components. I generally prefer a little wood with my steel. Thanks for any input!
Can't say myself; but if they are anywhere near as good as the fantastic speaker stands they make, I would think you will be very pleased. I cannot imagine them being anything but excellent considering this company's past products.
We've used one for years. One of the nice things about the Sound Anchor is it can be custom built. In our case, it was custom built to accommodate our preamp and turntable, each of which has its own anti-vibration platform.

The stand sits on a set of bearings. The result is the front end of the system does not care how loud the system is played- and there are no loudness cues, so things are not oppressive even at volumes over 105db!
The stand plus Symposium shelves would/should be a great match. No worrying about what to fill the legs with is another plus.
Thanks guys, I have been researching stands for some time now and the the Sound Anchor really caught my attention. It's very difficult to make a decision on a stand without seeing it live!