Sound Anchor Stands for equipment

I know ...I know ...that I have thrown out a couple of threads inquiring about audio racks but I did not think that it would be this involved. So, Sound Anchor is another great and established company and was wondering how their audio racks are. I would be using HRS platforms ( the same ones I have up for sale ) as I see where SA stands can and will accommodate the use of another company's platforms which has started me looking into what they have for sale. Like anything else in this hobby ....audiophile stands can get expensive and there are ones that are ...hmmmmm hoo doo for a lot of money. So let me know your thoughts on SA's equipment racks and I know that they are also noted for their  peakers stands what about their racks ?      
Solid, heavy, durable, customizable, adaptable, internally damped with sand, USA-made by folks who are very easy to deal with and quite reasonably priced compared to more esoteric audiophile know I like them.
Hello Mitch - thank you and agree with all of your points. So, would they or could they fit in a living room setting ? Second point, sonically what did they do to your system ?
As their name implies, they got started making really cost-effective speaker stands, not so much audio racks.  They will make anything you want if you submit a drawing and/or dimensions, etc. and can even suggest modifications to your request as necessary.  But it will have to be power-coated black steel, welded together in one configuration. OTOH, I am a fan
of adjustable racks, and to ME, Mapleshade racks are the best ones i have seen and they too will make what you want to order.  They can get
expensive, although not as much as the real esoteric companies.
They will last just about forever...
Sonically, they do nothing, which is perfect for me.
Season with footers as desired.
Esthetically, they certainly look no worse than a mis-mash of audio gear.
You can dress them up a bit by changing the top shelf and adding more attractive footers (see my system).
I suggest calling Debbie or Bob and they may be able to send you some system pics from their clients.
Regarding adaptability, the shelf height is fixed per your order but the component support bars are adjustable horizontally to accommodate different footer widths.